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Increasing hemoglobin with hep-C and hemochromatosis present
Tony Isaacs Views: 5,142
Published: 8 years ago
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Increasing hemoglobin with hep-C and hemochromatosis present

I apologize for being so late in responding - I have been nursing a back injury that severely limits my computer time (sitting up just kills me after only a few minutes).

Do you know or suspect what might be causing your low hemoglobin levels?

You might take a look at this page of low hemoglobin causes from the Mayo Clinic to see if something there might apply:

Some thoughts:

Hemoglobin is the iron-containing protein that carries oxygen, and your levels are below the desired amount.  Yet, on the other hand you have Hemochromatosis, which is a condition where you have too much iron stored in the body.  Normally, hemochromatosis is treated by avoiding iron-rich foods and periodic blood letting to remove excessive iron in the blood.  However, the most common natural approach to raising hemoglobin levels is an iron-rich diet.

Hemochromatosis is most often not so much a problem of excessive iron as it is improper absorption and utilization of iron.  While there are a number of natural items which can remove excess iron (such as cilantro, parsley and chlorella), the one I would look at is lactoferrin.  Lactoferrin, found in raw milk, non-denatured whey, and colostrum milk and also sold as a supplement itself, modulates iron - binding and ridding excessive iron and making sure that needed iron gets to the right areas for proper metabolization.

Another area I would pay close attention to is your liver.  People with hep-c generally have impaired livers and the liver is esssential in the proper absorption and utilization of iron.  Oleander extract, colloidal silver and several other items can be used in combination to correct hep-c and restore liver function. See:

"Beating Hepatitis Naturally - A Complete Protocol"

BTW, you can now get supplemental oleander extract in liquid form ( and administer it rectally (along with the colloidal silver and perhaps other items in liquid form) via a rectal syringe or therapeutic enema.  You actually get better absorption with rectal administration than with oral administration, plus items adminstered rectally go directly to the liver.

You can also make your own oleander extract at home for very little cost, provided that you follow exactly the instructions in these articles:

"The Recipe for Oleander Soup Part 1"

"The Recipe for Oleander Soup Part 2 - Tips and Advice"

Based on the information I have thus far, I would say that, in addition to identifying and addressing any other causes the road to success may lie in helping your body better absorb and utilize iron and restoring your liver to better health.

All the best,



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