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Re: Good intentions alone will not cure you. BE CAREFUL!
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Good intentions alone will not cure you. BE CAREFUL!

I enjoyed that post.

I don't know if I agree with it all, but there are some elements that I definitely do agree with, and there can be no end to repeating one of your messages -- that no one owns the patent on spiritual healing. Be this Orgone, Angels, Positive Thinking, or whatever the particular mental or thought technology may be. As soon as this club becomes exclusive a giant red flag should appear in people's heads and they should think twice or run away.

The Joh Rei movement comes to mind as a positive example of free healing. People are never charged for these services and all are welcome. It brings to mind the perversion of the western Reiki movement with outrageous sums of money charged for sessions and certifications. Ultimately, though, the world doesn't need yours or my condemnation of these types. They are apparent to anyone and they do themselves a disservice in their own evolution.

Now as far as scio goes, I delved into it very lightly 2 years ago, after having been involved with high level kinesiology, and some other electro medicine devices. I have to admit that I was expecting it to be a complete sham, but it was not. The practitioner who performed the testing was a babbling, walking, factory of nonsense. But in the end the one supplement they told me I was most reactive to, was spot on, and I have been through the mill with supplements. The person also made no claims about whether this supplement was good or bad for me, only that it registered very high on the testing, whatever that means.

Probably if I had gone to a person who knew how to use the machine I would have gotten some more appropriate advice, but I was impressed.

As far as Reich goes, I have read some books. I never personally got too deep into the whole scene, but I was very close to some relics from the 50's who were extremely into the scene. World famous artists at the very top of their art form. I trust these people implicitly and received a great education just through osmotic proximity. So I got to learn a bit about armoring and I think I can spot it pretty easily. I think many of the Bible Preachers here would fit nicely into that description. If I recall properly, WR was extremely opposed to the church.

I bought a few croft designed devices, never really noticed anything from them. Maybe I should get rid of them? Two small resin cones with metal beebees inside. I am really interested in orgone devices if you have any links to more authentic ones I would like that.

Another thing I noticed in the neo-reichian world was that there were two splinter groups that formed after his death. Both of them claimed vehemently to be the authentic group and attacked the other. I don't know who carries the authentic torch these days.

We are living in the year 2011 now. WR is dead, nothing we can do to change that, except maybe you can carry the torch properly. The way of the world is corruption and charlatanism -- nothing you or I can do to change that. Doublespeak is the new truth movement -- Sarah Palin has tried to co-opt Margaret Thatcher's Zeitgeist. This is just the state of affairs.

I read a few of newports postings on heavy metals. Some are pretty interesting, and a lot of it seems to come straight from Andrew Cutler's books which I think are excellent.

You have to take everything on CZ with a grain of salt. There are some truly wacked out people here, but in the cracks there are also some brilliant little crumbs.

CZ is too large for its own good. The new CZ that supplants the old one will be more grass roots and better. And then that one will be corrupted, and so on.


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