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Response from School of Natural Healing
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Published: 10 years ago

Response from School of Natural Healing

I had read a post by Unyquity in another forum saying these things about Dr. Christophers school of Natural Healing:

--starting to use primarily cheap, toxic, imported herbs instead of the organics that Dr. Christopher used.

--actually CHANGING his formulas to kowtow to pressures from the authorities about herbs they don't like.

--altering the words and rewriting virtually everything Dr. Christopher ever wrote/published...adding protocols and products he never used; eliminating herbs he did, and/or adding warnings about herbal toxicity (in the case of comfrey) that Dr. Christopher never said or wrote. AND, when they rewrite/edit these publications, they make these words appear to be the actual words of Dr. Christopher.

I contacted the school to ask them about it and here is there response:

It would be interesting to know where this information came from. Anyway, nothing could be farther from the truth. David Christopher (Dr John R Christopher's son) is the director of the school. He is ADAMANT about keeping the course pure to Dr Christophe's philosophies.

In fact David wont allow any books to be sold through Christopher Publications that aren't true to the philosophies, even if it is just one little thing.

As far as the purity of herbs that the herb company sells. We just took a tour of their facilities with our Master Graduates at this years seminar. The herb company goes above and beyond the the testing standards of every herb they bring in before it is used in their production of the formulas. They are very much about quality.

Comfrey has gotten a bad rap, the FDA will no longer allow the herb company (or any herb company for that matter) to use comfrey in products that are for internal consumption, so some of the formulas have been changed slightly because of this restriction. They do continue to make the original formulas in bulk so that the consumer has the choice of what to purchase. The school still promotes the safe use of comfrey. It is an amazing healing herb.

I hope that answers your questions. Honestly all of the different companies do their best to work together and keep the truths that Dr. Christopher taught alive. You will never see any of the companies go with the fads of the day. Dr. Christopher was an inspired man that was well before his time and all decisions made are based on those standards.

So if anyone is reading this post, what do you think? I am considering going to the school and would like some feedback on this. I obviously want Dr. C's original writings to be intact before I fork over 4K to attend the school.

Peace, Knowmad

Peace, Knowmad

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