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Re: The proper way to break a 7 day water fast...
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: The proper way to break a 7 day water fast...

"Hey! First of all want to say "Thanks so much for the reply!!!" Its amazing that you asked about my body's response from Day 1 because, I felt very weak!!! I was wondering why I felt so weak! lol It's like I had more energy within the 7 days, then after lol - "

Hi there Just.Jesus, you are very welcome.  What you experienced was a classic over-taxing of your hibernating digestive system and from what you describe, your body would have loved you much more and flourished optimally if you had broken with just juices for a day or two before even going into whole fruits.  Either this or much smaller quantities of the whole fruits.  If you were to break a 7 day fast with 2 days of juice, your body would (almost certainly) be ready to thrive on as many fruits and vegetables as you desired by day 3.      

"I have started the day with an easy, soft, but not too runny bowel movement... I feel great right now, energy seems to be returning. I haven't ate anything, so I definitely will take your advice..."

Yes i suspect you are starting the day feeling great because your body has recovered from being minorly over taxed digestively and now you have another fresh start :).  Giving your body only what it can handle (what it is ready for) will allow you to enjoy a day of feeling fantastic. 

"Vitamix tomato soup sounds really GOOD!"

Yes i love it soon after a fast :). 

"Hey Tzu, What are some other cooked meals that I could enjoy within the next couple of days..."

So soon after your fast, i like juiced or vitamixed vegetables, that's it.  Like Collards or Kale or Chard with garlic, onions, celery, tomatoes, carrots, beets, chili peppers, that kind of thing.  Juiced is quite a bit more digestively simple, so i would be leaning towards easing out with that option in the first day or two after a 7 day fast.  Tomatoes are so light i wouldn't feel the need to juice them, but un-juiced heavy greens, celery and onions are pretty digestively challenging in the early going.  After juicing, pureed/vitamixed is the next step and then whole veg.  

"During this fast the Lord has dealt with me concerning changing my diet and if you can recommend any informative and helpful sites that stirs in the direction of the primitive diet of the ancient world era, that would be a blessing! You've been very helpful, thanks again:)"

I think like you in this way, wishing to eat foods that we were intended to eat.  Foods that nourish and do no harm.   I don't have any specific web sites in mind, but I avoid processed sugar, processed grains, gmo!, commercial meat and dairy, artificial additives, pesticides and other pollution (like mercury in various fish and fluoride in water). 

I like eating organic as much as possible including vegetables, fruits, eggs, grass fed organic beef and dairy (dairy being eaten ideally raw), wild salmon, some organic unrefined grains like brown rice or oats, some organic beans and some nuts and seeds.  I have also recently embraced organic chlorella, spirulina and carrot juice through chrisb1's highly respected recommendations and i have also been enjoying budwig meal (organic cottage cheese blended with organic flax seed oil, with fresh ground organic flax seeds mixed in). 


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