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The nightmare of exfoliative cheilitis
greaveslee Views: 5,023
Published: 9 years ago

The nightmare of exfoliative cheilitis

It's been around 5/6 months now and exfoliative cheilitis really is taking hold.

I'll explain...

Around five months ago, i started to get red patches in the corners of my mouth which would become quite sore and inflammed and at times, would crack and peel. I would constantly apply some form of lip balm whether it be the original vaseline, Nivea and blistex, among others.

Well i started to get quite addicted to thinking about it and it would really control what I was doing. Not only was it quite unsightly but it was at times, painful. I decided to visit the pharmacy where I was advised to try and antifungal oral cream.

It went weeks with absolutley no change whatsoever. The problem began to get worse and the skin on the lips would peel and leave raw redness underneath. I would actually become obsessed with peeling the lips and then instantly applying copious amounts of lip balm. When i say copious amounts of lip balm, I really mean i couldn't leave the house without some in my pocket.

After months of battling this horrendous affliction i decided to visit my GP where I was assessed. The GP really didn't seem to know what I was talking about and couldn't really do anything for me. I did however have a blood test which when the results came back, showed me that I had a lack of B12 vitamins within my body. The doctor did say however, he didn't know if this was linked at all to my peeling lips and could only supply me with a course of tablets.

I honestly don't think the B12 levels in my body have created this peeling in the lips and i feel it's something much simpler.

2 weeks ago, whilst taking my b12 supplements I decided to go COLD TURKEY on using any form of lip balms on my lips. The idea of going completley cold turkey was frightening however i honestly feel the key to recover is to leave the lips alone.

I'm currently on my second peeling cycle after stopping using lip balms on my lips and TOUCH WOOOD my lips seem to be showing some form of improvement. Each cycle various small areas of my lips with crust over and flake however, if you leave the lips completley alone, other than too trim any DETAHED flakes it does them the world of good.

Now my lips have a healthy set of skin from the outer part of the lip to about half way up the lip and this continues to get bigger each peel cycle.

I feel this all started when i had a bowt of angular cheilitis in the corners of my mouth created by dryness around the mouth. Due to my constant lip balm usage, my lips have become used to the faux moisture and havn't been able to produce their own natural oils which has created this peeling cycle.

I am going to continue with this process and see what happens but it seems that what i'm doing is working. I think this may be caused in many other individuals cases as they are worrying about their lips, touching their lips and putting on various amounts of creams and lotions and potions. I honestly think the key to stopping exfoliative cheilitis is to DRY the lips and let them peel naturally. NO PULLING OR PEELING THE LIPS YOURSELF. LET THEM PEEL NATURALLY AND THEN TRIM ANY DETACHED EDGES KEEPING THEM CLEAN.

If this has triggered anything within yourself then leave comments below. I'll be happy to reply.

Keep strong. It get's better.

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