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Re: Can anyone explain?

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Can anyone explain?

Thank-you all for replying, I do appreciate it. I suppose I will be honest about my intentions.

About 6 years ago now I came to this site regularly, being very involved in the forums. At the time I was suffering very bad Acne - searching for something that would relieve me of that damned condition to no end. Of course when I found this site I was very happy, I read about all the protocols, buying e-books on cleanses and all the apparent ways to rid acne. While I can't remember the specifics now, I remember doing all the Hulda Clark 's parasite cleanses, mucoid plaque cleanse (which I later found out was just the clay and other ingredients mixing together to create those long strands of you know what), several liver flushs along with a very strict diet complimented with various supplements, herbs and other tinctures. I visited a couple of different naturopaths and homeopaths also following their strict guidelines; however, in the end nothing ever really worked it only ever got worse.

At the time I thought myself very well informed on how the body works and the various foods to eat and avoid. I bought several books from various alternative medicine promoters like dr mercola, phillip day, and others. I even began a 4 year course in naturopathy in hope to be apart of the 'health movement' and lead people into better lives. I thought it a chance to learn how everything really works not just a (not meaning to be insulting) dumbed down, unscientific version and description of things found on sites like this and other books I had read.

This was perhaps when my thoughts on naturopathy and homeopathy changed. While we were taught all the standard subjects in biology, biochemistry, pyschology, etc, all the related subjects on the workings of naturopthay and alternative medicines were lacking the scientific approach I was hoping for. I found it mixed with truths about healthy eating of which normal medical doctors encourage to unproven (scientifically at least) approaches to healing various ailments. The small amount of studies that supported many of the alternative treatments were often cherry picked from a plethora that did not; and, were rarely peer reviewed. When it came to Hulda Clark s cleanses and the various bowel cleansing kits I could not find a single study to support any of it, except perhaps one tiny case of a lady doing a Liver Flush in new zealand who handed her apparent Gallstones to her doctor for testing only to find they were nothing of the sort.

This was obviously very disheartening, I invested so much time and effort doing these cleanses. I wanted so much for it all to make sense and fulfill the ideology that had taken over me, but in the end the evidence did not support it. I thought it appropriate to hear a skeptical point of view to see why there was both a lack of evidence and why medical doctors despised a lot of the alternative methods. Perhaps one of the most compelling arguments came from carl sagan's book's and even his cosmos series. He explained how the scientific method works and why a lot of the alternatives to medicine are flawed in their thinking. I started listening to skeptical podcasts like 'the skeptics guide to the universe' and 'skepticality' along with others. For a long time I still strongly believed in alternative medicine, but slowly it faded over time with each episode I lisened to - identifying all my logical fallacies. Now I am a full blown skeptic.

The reason I posted my initial message was provoked by an old episode I listened to where the SGU talked about Hulda Clark . I won't bore you with the details as I'm sure you are sufficiently bored already, but lets just say they had nothing nice to say. While my mind is already heavily biased, I thought I would get an opinion from the other side of the argument, and, what better place than my old posting grounds.

As far as my Acne is concerned, it is virtually non-existent. I still eat healthy but I incorporate a lot of junk (possibly a huge and exercise. I am very interested in what people have to say about this. I know if I had read this message way back when I was an advocator of alternative methods I would most likely have disregarded it off with various predefined arguments - of which would certainly have been logical fallacies..

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