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Re: About vitamins.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: About vitamins.

what was going on in your life in the 2-4 years preceding whent the problems started?

you can do some testing on your own to find out if mercury is a problem.

read andrew cutler's book 'amalgam illness'. then do a hair test.

you can also do an empirical test by taking a very low dose of chelator like dmsa, dmps, or ala, again a very low dose. if you have an extreme reaction to one of these then you have a heavy metal problem. another tipoff is if you have extreme reactions to sulfur foods like garlic, onions, or cilantro.

do a search on curezone for worms. there are tons and tons and tons of posts on deworming. Black-Walnut , iodine, garlic, Wormwood , etc etc.

i would look more into the saturated fats after seeing your hormone panels. if you are open to eating raw meat, you don't need to eat so much protein to get what you need.

aside from the Blood Type Diet also look into the selective carbohydrate diet and the optimal diet from jan kwasniewski.

if you have celiac or gluten sensitivity which it sounds like you have, it is a long road to repairing the damage. so just take it slow and steady. one thing at a time. go at your own pace for getting off of the drugs, you are still young.

don't skip over the hydrogen peroxide, this can make a big difference for you.

maybe look into hydrolyzed proteins too like seacure, or try cooking the hell out of your proteins until they are almost like a paste, to help you absorb them better.

the selective carbohydrate diet is a very good diet for gluten sensitive people and will go a long way to help you repair. try some bone broths for glutamine instead of the powdered aminos.

oregano oil is good, but it is expensive. if you start to learn more about diet, you can do a lot for very little money. garlic is one example. fresh pineapple or papaya seeds is a good example of something cheap that will destroy worms. salt is a natural Antibiotic and if you take enough of it this can help to sterilize your gut, cheap as anything out there. so don't stress out too much about money because there are cheaper ways to do things, and often the inexpensive ways are the best.

it sounds like you need to do some rebuiding before undertaking anything major. so look more into diets so that you can rebuild some strenght. celiac people have absorption problems, so you have been not absorbing properly for a period of time.

try looking also into Bentonite clay or pectin to absorb toxins from the gut.

are you absolutely sure that all sugars and carbs are giving you problems? in the short term laying off them can be a plus, but in the long term, you are going to need some sugars to keep your brain, muscles and liver happy. some people convert protein and fats to Sugar easily and thrive on the paleo diets, others not so much and it is a dynamic process over time even with an individual.

other posters made some good recommendations here in keeping a journal. don't try to do everything all at once.

i would lay off all the supplements if i were you except the ones you are absolutely sure the ones are helping, then add others in one at a time, and ditch the ones that don't work for you despite how many experts or studies say that they should work.


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