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Re: when and how
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: when and how

well, i dont buy all that adrenal stuff myself, just some of it. i am talking about adrenal fatigue in general, not any specific case. sure, it matters, but how did one get there?

every hormone receptor must have iodine. glands produce hormones. the fatigue can very well be exhaustion from trying to keep up demand for the effects the body is looking for but the receptors werent working due to lack of iodine. we see this in diabetes and the hormone insulin. we see this in estrogen dominance and all the cysts and cancer, etc.

the basic plan for anyone is this. take 100mg of lugols/iodoral per day. the first day is the worst and its not bad and for most they have no reaction except increased energy. keep going every day and it just gets better.

exceptions to this are frankly quite rare. if taking only iodide, then 150-300mg to start and do daily. same thing.

anyone who hasnt taken 100mg a day for a week has no idea what Iodine will or wont do. none whatsoever. they are guessing because they havent really tried.

thats in general. you, my dear, if you havent been exposed to fluoridated drugs or huge amounts of bromine then you should fit right in to the above description. i am not ignorant of initial reactions. i had to start somewhere myself. and when i did i took iodate and i thought i was going to die. and then i read that it stops thyroid function to take that much(wolf-chaikoff) and i just gave up. that was about the time i discovered curezone. then a couple of years later vulcanel(sylvette) said, hey, Iodine will chelate fluoride. i jumped in with both feet and havent looked back. i started with 50mg Lugols and did great(which is typical for most) and the more i took the better i did. i kept going and.... its a long story all documented here.

most of the people who have trouble start with little doses. thats just a fact. i dont know if its fear or my theory on retoxification or what, but the record is overwhelmingly clear. i am just the messenger. and people who start out with 50mg(the dose the Iodine docs use for testing and daily supplementation) AND have trouble with that(rare) AND do as i said and went to 100mg were just shocked at how good it works. and that isnt even my own idea. i got that from the iodine docs, too. i think it was dr flechas. one of them said that vitamin C would help solve the uptake problem in most but that also doing a higher dose could do the same. knowing how good high doses could be from my own experience i told others having trouble to double up to 100mg. wombat didnt do that and stuck out some detox issues and still got rid of her FBD and got past her detox symptoms. the ones who did double up had a nice surprise.

with years of doing this it is plain to me that not only is 100mg a day the optimal minimum, its a low number and a piece of cake for over 90% of the people who start. why bother with 50? better to do 100 and if need be take a break and start again. thats what works. it sure wont kill ya or somebody, especially me, would have died long ago. every other method is unnecessary in my book. plus, i highly encourage people to take more as they get experience, so they know how much they really need. V and i both got up to a gram a day. it worked miracles for both of us. it seemed like a huge accomplishment back then but i would have no problem giving a gram to someone who never took iodine before. its no big deal. thats a gram of iodide, not lugols. keep Lugols under 300mg.

thats the reality. fear is a fantasy.

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