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Re: Follow-up on my friend with bone metastasis

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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Follow-up on my friend with bone metastasis

The question of angiogenesis actually came up before.   What they need to understand is 1. that angiogenesis occurs regardless if ozone is present or not and 2. that ozone kills cancer cells on contact.  So the destruction rate of cancer cells will exceed the growth by stimulation by angiogenesis growth factors.

When ozone comes in to contact with cell membranes a lipid peroxide is formed by the reaction of the ozone with lipids in the cell membrane.  These peroxides enter in to the various cells.  Healthy cells though contain enzymes that break down the peroxides to protect the cells.  Cancer cells on the other hand lack these peroxides and thus swell and burst from a peroxide overload.  In the whole process the peroxide is broken releasing a singlet oxygen molecule, which then reacts with more lipids creating new lipid peroxides.  So a chain reaction is created leading to a lot of cancer cells being destroyed even with small amounts of ozone.  So the cancer cells are destroyed faster than they can grow.  They are also overlooking the fact that the ozone can use the same vascular system the cancer cells use to move to the cancer cells.  So the angiogenesis is not really an issue.

As for the stage of cancer, the further advanced the cancer the more important it is to use something that can destroy cancer cells rapidly and boost the immune system, both of which ozone does.

This was his answer to your comments. Please make your remarks! Thank you so again!

"Works in theory Clarita but every case is different and I as well as our staff have been through too many episodes of cancer travelling faster than ozone to leave a person’s life to a gamble. We have for that reason stopped accepting people with cancer. I understand both your and the persons points but we are talking about lives here. I have heard of success with ozone in cancer and I have seen our own patients come back but I have also seen too much of the reverse occur to be able to safely say to you that you should go ahead, please understand this. Also, as a side note, all things considered there are a few things he/she have not stated and that would be the type of cancer, where, de-tox of the waste, complications of the rapid kill as well as what ozone does to the human body in general under this condition which all comes into play. You see, it is ok to quantify the logical action which is right but there are a host of issues that have to be considered and unless one has had many, many years of experience doing this type of therapy those issues they would never consider.

We maintain that the cost of pulling a stage four or more individual out of their cancer is close to $200, 000USD due to these complications, this we have done, quite a few times so I speak from experience. If you look at modern medicine and its costs, this is a bargain, it is not however covered by insurance and very few can afford it, but that is the reality. This is done with 24 hour care, strict diet and grossly overpriced herbs that are only available from one source as well as ozone and a regime of vitamins, aminos and flushes, to name a few. All this to counteract what occurs in the body, all in all quite a lot of work."






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