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Re: Bromine detox and the need for salt
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: Bromine detox and the need for salt

I saw the headlines of a few of your posts on the adrenal fatigue forum....

and I read the one you posted about kidney pain
you might search my posts on this, fyi

and the post i just put on the Iodine forum about blocked detox channels.

I too have kidney pain at times. and I have had low back issues for years....and I am a bodywork who gets a lot of good work

so here are a few other things to keep in mind:

1. have you checked into heavy metals as a possilbe issue?
It can be a big part of adrenal issues.
do you have silver fillings in your mouth?
Doctors data hair elements test (not the toxic metals test) can be worth doing to check for a metals issue. you have to read it using the andy cutler counting rules though.
for hair test
for Andy cutler's website
search his name for lots more

2. parasites/yeast/bacteria can also be a part of this fatigue thing. A stool test with a lab like Diagnos-Techs can be worth doing. You can also get some basic info on gut immunity in that test.

3. Hakala labs offers an Iodine loading test and a bromide test. Your detox symptoms are a clear sign that you have a bromide/fluoride issues. Read Ginagirls recent post on her recovery for inspiration with sticking with the program even through the tough times. Others here too have inspiring stories.....Trapper, Wombat, Just thinking, High on Water and more

I am a fan of testing for the simple reason that my brain needs a reason to stay the course. I just tested my bromide again two weeks ago and my bromide was still high, after 18months on iodine. This gives me reason to continue.

I have watched a lot of people close to me try Iodine for awhile and then stop. They got bored or it was too intense or they didn't want to read anything so they knew why they were doing it or they were scared they were poisoning themselves but they didn't read enough to re-educate themselves to stay the course and figure out how to get through the yuck.

get brownsteins book, watch his videos online and listen to and watch others and read more.....juust suggestions

3. Kidney and liver pain with Iodine are possible indicators that these organs need some cleansing. There are many options here. I personally keep diving deeper into the rabbit hole, it is a bit of a quest, but I am pretty damn determined.
Hulda Clark s' stuff
Dr. Schulze
all have formulas and there are more too

I am totally in the middle of figuring this out for I can't pretend expert yet, but I am a work in progress.....

I hope I am not overwhelming you, especially because you didn't ask, but you want to make sure you go after the big rocks earlier than getting all wrapped up in the little rocks is all I am trying to say. That is a general statement not directed at you specifically.

I guess the way I look at it is this. Assuming you have the basic hardware intact when you come into this life and things are working reasonably well, what can go wrong:
bad diet
nutrient deficiency
exposure to pollutants
emotional/spiritual/psychological stressor/traumas
physical traumas
pathogenic exposure

there is probably a few more biggies that I am forgetting, but it just kills me sometimes that modern allopathic medicine doesn't look at most of these unless they are totally in your face. Acute toxicity is recognized, but chronic toxicity is laughed at.

sorry this turning into a bit of a rant. I will stop now. I mostly just wanted to mention a few other things you might consider looking into. I spent years going after a Candida problem, thinking that was the problem, only to find out that I had some other issues much bigger and the yeast is a symptom, not the primary.

On an iodine testimonial note I will mention that I was on hydrocortisone (Cortef) for 8 years until this winter. I am convinced that Iodine gave my adrenals the ability to get off of it. The two times I tried in the past to get off the hydrocortisone I got sick and had to get back on it.

Hang in there, keep learning, keep asking question, and keep us posted here.

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