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Re: 'Alien Race' TV Show - Hybrids!
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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: 'Alien Race' TV Show - Hybrids!

If you really want to go deep into the "rabbit hole" then you will have to take into consideration as well, that there are people in high ranking positions of world governments, particularly in the states, who will stop at nothing to keep this info repressed. To be honest with you, I'm shocked we even have shows like Ancient Aliens on the History channel, because they reveal a lot more than most mundane 'alien' shows do. And there is a lot of evidence to back up there theories as well.

I used to be a very spiritual person, and in many ways I still am. I am now 45 and I think the older I get, the more and more I am turning my head towards the skies to think maybe those are our true origins. It is a constant battle within me, to believe what history and those in authority have spoon fed us for centuries. And yet something, something in me just feels like we are missing something huge, that society as we know it is living a lie or at the very least in a stupored sleep of misinformation. I think there are secret society types of groups out there who are privy to the truth and they are the ones who do everything in their power to keep the truth repressed, for various and sundry reasons. Numerous people in my family have had "experiences". I have dreams where detailed info is given to me about a future event - a sort of world between good and evil between alien races that has been raging since time began practically and they show me that at some point, (which looks like not too far from now by the clothing, buildings I see, etc.), that that war will somehow make its way to earth and will involve humans. Think of it as a War of the Worlds kind of thing, only that the good aliens (yes there are multiple races/types of aliens out there) have been protecting us from the bad ones and at some point, it's all going to come to a head here on terra firma. Considering I am now 45 and they have been showing me these dreams in different forms since I was a child, kind of hard to say I was influenced by the media. Also, growing up, my parents didn't believe in this kind of stuff and never even let me watch scary movies or anything like that on tv, so I wasn't influeneced that way either. Let's just say that they showed me scenarios, even places on earth I had never seen, which I later confirmed existed. Far too much to go into here.

My point about the above is this. No matter how incredible that documentary was, I honestly feel that unless a mass landing occured, where the naysayers could no longer put out BS stories to cover up the truth, no one is going to believe people like me, because they either want to live in denial, or the truth is too hard to accept. Hell, I've lived with this info for 40 years now and I still have a hard time at times. Now try and lay that info on the average Joe Blow who goes to church every Sunday, pays his taxes, works to put food on his table and his biggest worry is how he is going to make his house payment or rent and so on. Now you tell him that not only is there life on other planets, but that life has been visiting us. Now take it one step further and say there is a good possibility that our origins are from "them" and not from "God" or what have you, like we have been endoctrined to believe since time began. Think of the mass hysteria you would have. And so it begins....

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