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Image Embedded ..not success on all fronts..
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Published: 8 years ago
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..not success on all fronts..

..the territory of the back under
Homeworld control...[save for subversive particles
and microscopic fibers..]

Have been wearing short sleeve shirts for all of July.
..still feels a bit odd not automatically reaching
for the "leper shirts". [long sleeves..]

Arms are pretty scarred up..mottled...odd pigmentation..
or rather missing pigmentation..but no lesions.

Legs..lesions healing very they tend to do.
In another month..may be able to call Leg Land our own again..maybe...barring another mOrg blitz..

the scalp is a warzone..
cut all the hair off..[down to about 3-4 mm , or whatever
the "smallest" blade the barber had..a month ago.

I am extracting fake hair and micro fibers every few hours
with a steel "flea comb". very depressing.
...for some reason...the scalp is irresistable terrain
for mOrgs...
...well..ok..LOTS of hair follicles..
and the hair follicles seem to have been..changed..somehow.
...there is very fast growing hair among the normal slow
growing hair..and it IS instantly melts when
in contact with hair apparently the
fake hair is made of the same stuff..keratin.
However..the growth speed..the shapes..the odd colors..'s mutant hair.

and among the mutant hair is the cellulose fibers.j
Indestructable fibers..very thin..about 20 microns..
appx 1/4 the diameter of the fake or even normal hair.
Dissolve a clump of the mutant hair..and there will be
the translucent cellulose micro fibers remaining.
Alien stuff. It should not be growing on a human.
Yet, there it is.

Have not been able to think of a test that would absolutely
determine if the hair follicle has been genetically altered
to grow the fake hair..or if the fake hair is also growing
from the mOrg particles that are found in abundance in the
scalp. "Skizitgesture" indicates in his youtube vids that
the follicle is being genetically altered by mOrg activity.
Maybe this is so. What I see growing from the PARTICLES
is usually the cellulose based micro fibers.


have many photos of fibers sprouting from particles and gels in the gut.

interrupt the chemistry that is enabling the assembly of the particles and gels..and the particle level in the blood should fall drastically...
few particles in the blood..fewer particles in the skin.
...well..that's the theory anyway.
...the gut is utterly owned
by alien..whatevers. Carefully proceeding with
individual "weapons" try to find something that will
interrupt the insane growth rate of the "plants" that are
thriving in huge numbers in the gut. All manner of enzymes
have been shrugged off by "them".
...Need to find a bigger wrench to throw into the gears.
Bentonite clay does extract a bunch of mORg trash..but
it's like using a broom to clean mold off a floor...just
not getting all of appreciable effect..
the stuff just keeps growING.

Have had access to Reverse Osmosis filtered water for
about a month..
particulate levels measure at around 20 ppm or so.
The "rather expensive five stage filter" that was in use
for last few months was apparently doing..nothing.
300+ ppm tap water going in...300 ppm or so "filtered" water coming out.

also adding sufficient 12% food grade H2o2 to get appx
100 ppm peroxide levels in the RO attempt
to further discourage whatever bacteria/fungus/whatever
slips past the RO filter and the KDE and charcoal filters.

..constant attention to body fluid pH levels..every
tinkle is monitored..try to hold urine pH at/near 7.0.
Very strong correlation between hair in the urine and pH.
Low pH=many long hairs..
high [~7.0] = few, small and damaged hairs..."ectoplasm" hairs..hairs that didn't assemble..

Vingar and baking soda is my co pilot. Always have
about a gallon of organic apple cider vinegar.
..and sodium push buffers into the system
to maintain high pH. Lemon juice is good too..
and my molasses has 180 mg of potassium per tablespoon.


...mental function improving, but ..variable...
like the energy levels..
one day...lots of's "dawn of the dead". to focus well enough to study and remember stuff..
recently passed the Comptia A+ exam, the FCC "radio law" and the FCC Radar more test to go and I'll
have a shiny new FCC Commercial license in my paws.
[for whatever that is worth in this job market..sigh..]
...point being that I can read and remember..most of the brain fog is apparently...thinning.

^^*stare* this is really getting a bit loooong.
*pulls plug on keyboard.*






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