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Re: Mr. bludini, and to anyone it may concern.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Mr. bludini, and to anyone it may concern.


First of all, I am sorry you lost your friend.

Second, you have some nerve to blame me for expressing my experience and then to blame me for the ending of a life.

Third, you need to look at your dates. My first post about this, as is clear from the thread was from 8-5-2003. Yours to me was 1-5-2004. How you are able to "blame me for your friends death" due to me misleading you for 5 years is just ridiculous.

Fourth, I may have started this thread, but I'm certainly not the only one who has experienced the same issues. In fact, I made no claim about the health effects and really didn't care about them. It was for our pool and spa, and I made that Crystal Clear!

Now, having said that, I cannot make claims of health benefits, nor did I try to.

I also cannot take responsibility and won't for "time lost" as you so stated. While I am certain your friends passing has caused you grief, and I hope after time has passed now you can see you statement about me was clearly wrong!

I work very hard everyday to save life...24/7 365. I have for more then 20 years. I also believe John is not an honest man and we can agree to disagree on that point. The point we cannot agree to disagree on is your claims that I had anything to do with your loved one's death. Death is every bit a part of life as living, and each of us is terminal from the day we are born. Its how we live and act between birth and death that defines us. You are now, I guess a believer in this water, and you have every right to state your opinion in opposition to mine here in this thread. You don't have the right to re-write history and claim I somehow mislead you for 5 years. I don't know you, didn't advise you, didn't know your friend and I don't know John. What I do know is that I made a purchase for a specific reason. Was told it would take care of it and it didn't and felt I deserved my money back. So, I decided to let others know my experience. Many others have had the same, as is clear from the posts for over 8 years now. Yes, there are many who claim to have had benefits, and I have not shown them disrespect and in fact have cheered them on and wished them well.

So, GTP, I am not sorry for my posts, and not proud of them either. It was my experience and at the time, I felt very justified in telling my story. Those folks who have had good experiences with this should post here. I'm not trying to force anyone to not buy John's machine, and I don't think I made any claim other then what I had experience with. Its John and his web site that have changed. Is John a nice man? Many would so no, and I am in that same crowd. Is he honest? Well I don't think he is and I think he makes claims and has made claims that are at best unfortunate and at worst just untrue and selling points for his product.

While I don't expect you will agree with me and do the right thing and post the facts about this thread. I made my first post only months before yours and not years. So, as I said, you are who you are between birth and death, and your the one who is deceiving others with your statements that I misled you for 5 years. You obviously had read opinions from others long before mine, so you should set that record straight with all those who are posting here if the truth is really what you believe in and post that I had nothing to do with your decision not to purchase a product. I don't expect you will.

You see, I expressed an opinion on a product and its inventor. Yes, I defended myself and I'm done with that. I've made my point and there is plenty of information pro and con for others to base their purchase on now. No one can say why didn't someone warn them and no one can say others haven't stood on their soap box and sent them with credit card in hand to buy the machine. You sir, posted a lie to discredit me and my experience. Its hardly the same thing as me posting about my bad experience and I'm sure most reasonable people can see that. I didn't lie, how can one lie about one's experience and why would I. I have no stake in this product, the company or the inventor. I also had no stake in your friend, and your emotional responses (more then one I might remind you) that I killed him are not about money. Your accusation is wrong and you should be the one ashamed for saying it.


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