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Re: Why Liver Flush w/Directions
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Published: 15 years ago
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Re: Why Liver Flush w/Directions

This article is more than you asked for, however I believe it contains important information. It is what convinced me that I needed to do liver flushes. The protocol is the one that I have used with good results every time. My sister used this to avoid surgery.

By the age of 38, the average person eating the standard American diet, is already functioning on only 35% liver function. As part of a total detoxifacation, I have done this flush several times. I do it on a regular basis for maintaince and see steady improvement.

From A Cancer Battle Plan SOURCEBOOK
By David J. Frahm

When the liver is not working right, the whole body suffers. The 2nd biggest organ of your body (skin is first) your liver is charged with accomplishing over 500 vital functions to keep you 'in the pink'. It converts food into stored energy, supplying the system with the power to maintain life. It is also the key player in the digestion of fats by way of the production of bile (which it stores in the gallbladder for later use).

Your liver cleans your blood of stuff that would otherwise cause you great harm. That stuff includes drug residues; excess estrogens; left over histamines from allergic reactions; toxins released by bacterial infections; alcohol; pesticide residues; chlorine and fluoride from drinking water; thousands of poisons released in tobacco smoke; and a million other toxins found in the air, water and food.


- Insufficient hydrochloric acid production in stomach. Sugar and caffeine depletes the body's stores of B's. The stomach requires B-vitamins in order to produce hydrochloric acid to enable proper food digestion. When food is not properly digested, toxic gases enter the blood stream and are delivered to the liver - a cause of major liver stress

- Insufficient friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract. There are 'good guy' and bad guy' bacteria in the intestinal tract. The good guys are destroyed by Antibiotics , birth control pills, sugar... without the "friendly" bacteria, protein residues in the colon putefy, forming toxic substances that are absorbed through the intestinal wall and delivered back into the liver

- Too little fiber in the diet. Fiber is essential for sweeping the intestinal tract clean of toxic waste. The average American is carrying from 7 up to 60 pounds of encrusted fecal matter and mucus in his or her 'gut'. Trapped toxins are reabsorbed through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream and delivered back to the liver

- Too much alcohol consumption depletes the liver of nutrients necessary to carry on its various detoxifaction functions and releases dangerous free radical oxidants

- Too much acetaminphen (Tylenol)
- Too much sugar
- Too much caffeine
- Too much animal fat (red meats, dairy products, fried foods)

- Too many refined foods
- Too many acid ash-producing foods. All foods burn down to either acid or alkaline ash after digestion. The body needs to remain slightly alkaline to stay in good health. Meat, dairy, and sodas--typical American fare--burn to acid ash.

- Too many food additives (artificial flavors, colors preservatives

- Too few veggies
- Too few raw foods
- Mercury released from silver dental fillings
- Yeast overgrowth, fungal infections, parasites, viruses, bacteria, Immunizations

- Radiation (microwave ovens, computer screens, TV sets Cell Phone s, etc

- Emotional stress, repressed anger, tobacco smoke


- Poor digestion (gas, bloating, acid indigestion, nausea, pain, sense of fullness, cramping)

- Poor Elimination (constipation, diarrhea)
- Blood Sugar disturbances (Diabetes, hypoglycemia)
- Intolerance to fatty food, cooking oils, and spicy foods
- Congestion
- Dry tongue and month
- Thick ridges on fingernails
- Jaundiced (yellowish) skin and eyes
- Eye inflammation, Erratic eye movements, red eyes
- Skin boils
- Susceptibility to infection of either viral or bacterial
- Headaches
- Dark circles or bags under eyes
- Achy back or pain between the shoulder blades
- Body Odor
- Muscle pain (fibromyalgia)
- Liver Spots
- General Depression and "the blues",
- Unexplained weight gain or tendency to gain weight easily

- Intolerance to sugar, intolerance to alcohol
- Elevated bilirubin and/liver enzymes
- High cholesterol and/or triglycerides (or too low-140 mg/dl)

- Foul smelling gas
- Skin itching
- food allergies
- Sensitivities to chemicals (perfumes, soaps, cleaning fluids, exhaust fumes)

- Sudden hair loss
- Dizziness, shakes
- Female reproductive complaints (scanty menstral flow, PMS)

- Light colored stools
- Pale greasy stools that float
- Cancer (and various other degenerative conditions)


The human liver can and will regenerate itself to full function if given chance. That depends on you. It takes dedication to the cause and a great deal of work.

Besides the obvious diet and lifetyle changes that need to be made, there are certain foods and supplements that minister greatly to liver function. One tool to help restore proper liver functions is the Liver/Gallblader Flush - a purging of gallstones.


1. For three days drink at least 4 glasses of freshly made apple juice each day. (Spaced throughout the day - morning, noon, afternoon and night) Organic Green Granny Smith apples are best. If you don't have a juicer buy 100% unsweetened apple juice (organic is best). The malic acid in apple juice helps to begin to soften and break up stones.

If you choose, you can substitute a supplement called Magnesium Malate/Malic Acid for the apple juice. Take 2 or more capsules 3 to 4 times a day for 3 days. (An added bonus, this supplement gives extra energy)

It is not necessary to be fasting. However, when you are fasting is the best time to flush.

2. On the evening of day 3, drink 2 oz. olive oil mixed with 2 oz. (Used to say 4 oz. but Dave Frahm discovered that 2 ozs. works fine) of freshly squeezed lemon juice. (Grapefruit juice can be used, but results from lemon juice are better)

3. Lie down on your right side for 20 minutes, keeping your right knees as close to your chest as you can. (This position opens the pathway to your gallbladder, so that the olive oil and lemon juice can work to dissolve and clean out any stones that have been forming. A bit of "flu-like" nausea is not unusual but will quickly pass.)

4. Before going to bed, drink a 10 to 12 oz bottle of magnesium citrate. (Purchased at the local drug store in the laxative section for under $1.29) It is very tart, I find drinking it with a straw helps a lot. (Comes in Cherry or Lemon flavors - use either)

5. When you awake the next morning (or that night) and use the bathroom, expect to pass what might be referred to as sludge. You might also pass soft, round stones of varying sizes and colors, mostly green. They float, and they look much like fuzzy, undigested peas. Some people have passed hundreds at a time.

The procedure can be repeated in a few days, or a month. As often as necessary you like.

This is condensed information from the book CANCER BATTLE PLAN SOURCEBOOK By Dave Frahm

I highly recommend this book, as it is filled with great information. Dave Frahm's wife was Anne Frahm, who cured herself of 'incurable cancer' in 5 weeks. (You can research this on the internet) The book gives details on how she achieved this, and costs only $15.00. I use all of the protocols as prevention, and have for the last 2 and a half years. My health is excellent at age 63. I'm not on any prescription meds. I just had my annual physical, and my doctor can hardly believe how healthy I am. I think she is becoming a believer in natural therapies...

In the first year, I lowered my cholesterol 120 points.

I use a product by Source Naturals that I purchace at my local health food store. The bottle says:

Magnesium Malate
yielding 416.5 MG Malic Acid

625 Mg 200 capsules

Serving size: 6 capsules
Suggested Use: 2 to 6 capsules daily with a meal

When preparing for a Liver Flush I alternate Magnesium Malate with apple juice. I drink apple juice 2 or 3 times a day and Magnesium Malate when I can't do apple juice - once or twice a day

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