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Re: Hey Spud...edited so as not to breach TOS
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Hey Spud...edited so as not to breach TOS

Mira I've seen the articles, (and I use this term loosely), that you have been posting, and have seen you and others trying to justify the position you have taken. I still don't buy it, and thankfully the majority of people in both our countries, don't buy it either.

The children in the developing world are dying from vaccine preventable diseases, not from a lack of sanitation, or food, or clean water, although these factors are contributing to the easy spread of these pathogens.

Millions of children die each year, which anti-vaccinationists, (edit) dismiss, as if their lives are worth nothing. Vaccines can, and do, save the lives of children. These children didn't choose where they were born, and their mothers didn't choose to live in poverty, and in circumstances that encourage the spread of disease, and most mothers and children do not have the power or means, to change those circumstances. Vaccines at least provide a mother with a means of keeping her child alive long enough, so she can try and make changes in her life, (such as being able to send her child to school), for her child's future.

The risk of a child in your country or mine, contracting a preventable disease, that kills them, is low, and it is low because most people vaccinate. Those that choose not to vaccinate, are relying on those that do vaccinate, to afford them protection, whether they think this is the case or not, it is the way it is. The risk for children in a developing country , of contracting and dying from a preventable disease, is very high, they don't have the luxury of allowing the choices of others to protect them.

I'm all for providing people in developing countries, the means to improve their living standards, sanitation, food , clean water, decent housing, and part of that improvement is vaccinations, that will keep their children alive.

What I'm not seeing on this forum, or on any of the anti-vaccine sites, are people putting their money where their mouths are, and providing people in developing countries money and equipment, to improve those things that the anti-vaccinationists think that disease is caused from. They would have a lot more credibility if they did.

Instead of the ignorant rantings of celebrities, and p 0 r n stars, discredited doctors, and Conspiracy theorists, who spend their time and money on promoting a theory that has been comprehensively disproved, when they could actually be doing some good in the world.

This wont happen of course, because those people aren't interested in helping others, they are interested in promoting themselves , and their agenda.

You, like everyone else, label people, (edit), because you, like everyone else, puts people, professions, etc, into groups that are given a name. That is labelling. You're not on any "high road" , by thinking you're better than others, you are doing the same thing as everyone else does. If a person is spouting Conspiracy theories, unproven theories, they're a Conspiracy theorist. If a person is spouting anti-vaccine propaganda, unproven, they're an anti-vaccinationist, if the label fits, wear it, if it doesn't fit, ignore it. (edit)

This has been a long post, so for anyone who manages to read this far, well done. This will be my last post on this forum for a while, so I would like to thank all those who were able to engage in civil debate, and hope one day, to debate with you again :)

kind regards to you Mira,


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