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Image Embedded Cayenne is a WONDERFUL addition! ...Re: thinks n' thoughts regarding "satisfying poops" (what is and what isn't, etc)...Re: Poops.
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Published: 10 years ago
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Cayenne is a WONDERFUL addition! ...Re: thinks n' thoughts regarding "satisfying poops" (what is and what isn't, etc)...Re: Poops.

...and one of THE best posts I've ever seen on that is here:  (I highly suggest those with 'stress issues do not read the entire thread, as it evolved into a very ugly situation where very negative personalities/emotions emerged).

>>> Btw, this morning's poop was better and last night I maybe woke once to pee! I can't believe it! I hope it continues. <<<  AWESOME!  I'm so happy for that!  The herbal synergy and 'multi-tasking' of both the LBB & IF#1 is fantastic.  Many people find they see some level of relief from issues they felt weren't 'connected' when starting them...and of course, the increased peristaltic action can positively impact more than we realize, too :)

When bms become excessively watery it means that water is not being assimilated as it should be (perhaps because we're forcing things through too quickly - perhaps ground chia/flax seeds would prove beneficial here).  If possible, do your best to keep the 'watery' under control (something that will be easy when the IF#2 is added :)  This is a very informative post about 'everything poopy' (please forgive me if I've linked you to it before - if you haven't seen it yet, you'll likely love the visuals :)  How poopy is made :) +Edit/addition +reason to juice Re: Thin stools

As far as 'counting' (10-20 minutes apart = 1 or 2 bms)...since I've never run across the 'official poop counting compendium of knowledge', I tend to count actual poops" (especially if the volume is there).   Speaking of volume, it amazing me when I think of changing a toddler's diapers...the volume of poopy contained in just one bm from a normally fed 10 month old baby is many times more volume than an adult expels in an entire day (or more).  Yeppers, our colon has been compromised a very (very!) long time. :::sigh:::

One should attempt to keep the IF#2 doses as consistent as possible.  1 heaping teaspoon per dose 5x daily works out to about one dose ever 2 3/4 hours.  When juice-fasting, taking the IF#1 (or LBB) with (or directly after) a dose of IF#2 is something many people need to do (otherwise they experience the 'gripping' you mention).  But when not juice fasting, you should be able to just work the IF#2 in around your meals using that "every 2 3/4 hours between doses" schedule.  But remember, it's not 'rocket science dosing'...there have been many-a-day, when I've forgotten a dose and taken the one I forgot less than an hour before the next (or taken a dose right before/after a meal, or missed one entirely and made up for it by taking two together, etc).  It's just fiber and healing goodness. 

In fact, in one of the more hard-to-find versions of the SYL manual, there's a section where Schulze/interviewer speak of taking heaping tablespoon size doses 5-6x daily.  I did that on my last juice fast and my body LOVED it!

Work out a schedule for the LBB & IF#2 that works for you (I suggest starting with the LBB-schedule you're happy with and adding the IF#2 on it's own schedule, and tweaking from there...but whatever works for you, works for you! :)

'Sounds to me like you're progressing wonderfully!




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