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I now how diarrhea on top of the stomach cramping, burping, etc.
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Published: 11 years ago

I now how diarrhea on top of the stomach cramping, burping, etc.

I am trying to eat healthy and somewhat bland. For breakfast I had gluten-free organic oatmeal with stevia and tiny bit of cinnamon. I got reflux and loud burping. For lunch I just had an organic green apple with some raw almond butter, all natural turkey slices, few small slices of cucumber and a tiny bit of hummus. And I have had only water today to drink. About 5-10 minutes after eating, I started getting the horrible stomach cramps again, but not constant. I then started getting the familiar rumbling of gas and the explosive, ear piercing burping. This particular sequence has been going on steadily for about three days, but I have had 3 or 4 other episodes spread out over about a year. My stomach is also very bloated and feels tight - I'm assuming from the gas I can hear rumbling around in there.

A short time later I went to have a BM and at first it felt solid and then there was a gush and a ton of diarrhea came out. It sounded and felt foamy. Gross I know, but when I looked, there was vegetables from dinner 2 1/2 nights ago, (which is odd, because I was passing it even the next day after eating it, until now), looked like bile, possibly mucus, undigested food, etc. It was very yellow. I must have sat there for 10 minutes because it would start, then stop, then start up again. I can tell I am not done either. I don't know if this is food poisoning, as my husband had some nausea yesterday also, but is fine now, or if my leaky gut has just reached its limit or what, but I am kind of freaking out. It's the same sequence everytime. Eat...5-10 minutes pass, nausea/gas starts, heartrate goes up a lot, etc. It may last a few minutes or several hours. I do not smoke, drink, take drugs, do not drink coffee or tea, or drink soda. I never use artificial sweeteners, etc.

I have an appt. tomorrow with a acupuncturist/herbalist and by just describing my problem briely over the phone the first thing she said was that my digestion was screwed up, despite the fact I take digestive enzymes and HCL with every meal. I'm praying she can help because the last thing I want to do is go to gastro, who will merely shove a scope down my throat and say, "you have reflux, take this PPI and you'll be fine." We all know that's a crock of BS. Plus I hate having to defend myself for having candida, lyme, parasites, etc. and having them look at me like I just escaped from the looney bin, when I tell them I have this stuff. These are the same kind of doctors that told me I didn't have a gluten problem when I had scope done the first time, and guess what? I can't eat gluten. Hello?!

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