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thinks n' thoughts regarding "satisfying poops" (what is and what isn't, etc)...Re: Poops.
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Published: 10 years ago
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thinks n' thoughts regarding "satisfying poops" (what is and what isn't, etc)...Re: Poops.

Howdy Beth (everyone, of course :) --

Congratulations on your switch to LBB - you done really good work gal!   Before I get to your question/concern with my 'thinks n' thoughts', here's a little information regarding Triphala...

For those that don't know, the herb Triphala (tri-phala = 3 fruits) is actually a blend of three fruits/herbs.  Those are:

Amla berry - aka Amalaki (Emblica officinalis)
Bibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica)
Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)

Triphala is extremely popular in Ayurvedic medicine and has a myriad of well-known benefits, and (like Ashwagandha) has definitely stood the test of time.  A common phrase in Ayurveda, "No mother? Do not worry so long as you have Triphala"...and many Ayurvedic practioners suggest taking it daily 'forever' to address/prevent symptoms/issue (which can wind up with it being more of a 'bandaid' than an actual 'healer').

Herbal 'bandaids' are fine when we have need of a 'healthy bandaid' to temporarily control symptoms until we can get down to the healing, cleansing & restoring - but they're not fine if we use them to 'bandaid' symptoms (our body's way of communicating with us) and then end-up not dealing with the root cause of the problem.  And of course, the laxative action of Triphala is well-known.

Anyone interested in learning about Triphala can Google and find the vast-array of positive benefits attributed to it (very easy to find, but not necessarily so easy to validate because the typical dosage of Triphala is very small, and many of the benefits attributed to it aren't likely possible with just a few capsules daily...and more than a few capsules daily can cause 'too much laxative effect' for many).  If you do decide to Google it, be sure to note that one of it's biggest 'claims to fame' is the action of it's bitter taste (and how that stimulates the liver)...which would be the case if one were mixing it in water and could actually taste the bitters, but the 'bitters action' doesn't happen unless we actually 'taste the bitter'.   The vast array of positive benefits (of which there are quite a few) are "not soley the issue with the 'poop' issue"...because like any other herbal 'laxative' the benefits do stop when it's not being taken (which is why always want to use these herbs as part of a healing/cleansing/restoring program that addresses the root cause of the problem). Onwards to the questions & concerns...

If you're going to choose to be use an herb/blend to achieve what you deem as a 'satisfying poop', then whatever herb/combination you deem creates a 'satisfying poop' is your choice (of course, the choice is ALWAYS yours, no matter what criteria you use for choosing).  But if you're planning on using an herb/blend as part of a colon cleansing/healing protocol, then 'satisfying poop' is not a criteria I would recommend for making my choice...I'd choose the herbal blend & protocol that I deemed to be most effective. 

Frustratingly for most everybody, undoing & restoring years/decades worth of clogs, crimps, weak/over-stretched musculature, lack of peristalsis & build-up of hardened/rubbery fecal matter isn't likely to always result in a 'satisfying poop' (especially at the start, before other products are added --like the IF#2, if chosen--, and before the diet is adjusted to support the process --removing mucous-forming/fiberless foods to support the removal of mucous rather than increasing the mucous burden--). 

My recommendation would be to add the IF#2 as soon as you're having 2-3 bms daily (no matter the 'satisfaction level', as that adds the bulk & cleansing fiber that enhances the action of the LBB (or IF#1).  Of course, Dr. Christopher didn't use a fiber blend like IF#2 along with the LBB, but then (even with the full-body program... Mucusless diet and other supportive healing/cleansing herbs & protocols)... he typically predicted it would take at least a year or more to cleanse & restore a sluggish, impacted colon.  And unless one alters their diet to eliminate the mucous-forming food intake, one can expect "LBB alone" to take MUCH longer to achieve the desired effect. 

Regarding what you're experiencing currently...

I would assume it took you longer (maybe much longer) than 3-4 days for your body to acclimate to the Triphala and achieve your 'satisfying poop schedule' (maybe not?).  At one time I remember you were taking some type of magnesium supplement along with the Triphala (magnesium is not a 'healthy bandaid' because it will induce bowel activity, but due to it's dehydrating action (drawing water from the bloodstream into the intestines), it imbalances electrolytes and it doesn't stimulate peristalsis in any way; hence it actually weakens the muscular of the colon.  If you're still taking magnesium along with the LBB, that could be part of the reason your stools are watery...but with less than a week or two 'under your belt', other than the magnesium issue (which would definitely affect the action you discern from the LBB), you're definitely in an adjustment period (which again, is something we all experience at some level when "undoing", cleansing and restoring our body).

Both IF#1 & LBB are definitely stronger for exercising and increasing the strength of the peristaltic muscular & action of the colon...and they're formulated specifically for this purpose.  Hence, many of the actions of Triphala are not going to be present and you're definitely going to see differences between the two.  Many people find it's best to take the IF#1/LBB with each meal to help the body create the pattern/rhythm of a 'bm after every meal'...and we each have to experiment with dosage amounts to get it where we want it (and many times, change it again when starting the IF#2).  Many people need LESS IF#1/LBB after starting the IF#2, some need more (and everybody needs more water).  On the other hand, your suggestion of taking more at night to enable a more satisfying morning bm is also very logical (and something others have done successfully).

I realize that when folks are 'reactive' that they tend to judge 'what is good' by whether or not they have an uncomfortable reaction (and everybody judges 'what is good' by whether or not it causes something to happen that they 'like' or discern is 'normal or good')...that's to be expected and nothing that should be negatively judged.  However when listening to our doctor within, we need to be armed with a 'dictionary of knowledge' in order to interpret what we hear.  And the natural healing dictionary is going to say, 1) using a small part of a full protocol isn't likely to achieve the healing/cleansing results we're desiring or expecting; 2) LBB is only a part of Dr. Christopher's protocol (see #1); 3) a few days isn't long enough to do much more than 'test for a reaction'; 4) we should research and decide what protocol is natural, good, healing/cleansing & effective for our body (based on empirical evidence, whenenever possible), then apply that protocol consistently until we see the healing results, no matter what we 'like or prefer' (unless of course, we have a clearly negative or harmful result...which isn't likely when adequate research has been done).

As you likely know, a clogged/congested liver is also a cause of constipation.  This is why I recommend the IF#1/IF#2 (or in your case, the LBB) in conjunction with daily CE's and the Liver/GB tincture (used 5-10 drops at a time on the tongue after each dose of IF#2 to stimulate bile flow).  Of course, I also suggest eliminating unnatural supplements (if/when withdrawal syndromes aren't an issue) and adjusting to one of the diets of Gerson, Schulze or Christopher. ('not trying to beat a dead horse over the diet-thing, I just had to say that for the benefit for the hundreds of people that will eventually read don't hit me, please :)

Also, while I'm here, I just thought of how beneficial chia seeds (particularly chia gel) might be for you.  1) It's high in protein 2) It's definitely high in fiber 3) It's very beneficial for helping to control hypoglycemia.  Check these out (both are great for general info):
Chia, The Miracle Seed: Regulating Blood Sugar for Hypoglycemics and Diabetics, A Natural Energy Boost, Antioxidants and so much more…. « Naturally Artisanal    


'Hope that gives you enough information (or information you can use) to make the choice that is best for your body!

Blessings aplenty :)

Uny (who is working VERY hard with Rocky this week to get in our 850 square foot organic garden, and envies those in the south that are already getting fresh tomatoes!  :)


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