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Re: The Effects of John E. Machine on Water
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: The Effects of John E. Machine on Water

Hi John,

I own a LWM 5, actually bought it on eBay, it was almost brand new and 1/2 the price, how could I pass up a deal like that! Bludini's postings actually kept me on the fence for about 18 months, I wanted one of your machines, but was concerned about what he wrote about the machine and you..

There is absolutely no doubt, your machine produces the best water on the planet, hands down, nothing comes close. My tap water is so bad, I can't drink it... Before I bought the LWM 5, I purchased a well built water distiller, all stainless steel and it did a good job of distilling a good tasting water, produces 10 gallons daily and a holding tank of 10 gallons. Your water did sound much better, just all the conflicting information I was reading kept me from buying, until one day I just had to find out for myself, is this Ellis machine for real or just an expensive water producing scam... I had to know one way or the other, and it if was for real, I didníít want to miss out any longer on this water.

Well I found it was for real, no doubts it is the best tasting water, I can tell the difference from other distilled water... I really have no complaints with the machine, other than the instructions for cleaning the unit really should include taking the heater module apart and cleaning it also, as vinegar alone doesnít seem to do a good job...

John, the machines arenít the problem, but your customer service is..
Iíve sold quite a few of your machines to others on my Lyme support groups, simply by telling others this is the best water for health.. I donít profit from these sales as they buy directly from your website. Last year, one person who bought a LWM 5 machine from you based on what I said,
had problems with it from day one, saying the water had a funny taste, kinda like rubber. She talked to you on the phone and a few weeks later she sent the machine back to you as you promised to take a look at it for her. Then you told her you would not help her under warranty as she ran the machine dry.. She had read your instructions, plus I gave her very detailed tips on running and cleaning the machine, so I donít know how she could have run this machine dry, but of course anything is possible.

I sent you an e-mail asking you to do the right thing for this lady as she assured me the machine never ran dry. You may remember this lady, she notified several government authorities about a new defective machine in warranty not being repaired. So here I am caught in the middle of this, speaking well of your machines to my support groups, then finding one member buys a machine, has a problem, and you wonít help her. That really put me into a precarious position John, I like your machine, I want others to own one, but how can I ever talk about this wonderful machine again to my support group members knowing you didnít stand behind this machine for this very ill and elderly lady.. Well after several weeks, you returned the machine to her, fixed and in good working condition, no charges... I thank you for doing the right thing John, I just wish you would have done this from the start, whether it was her fault or a faulty machine should have not mattered, but rather keeping a customer happy especially with a machine that is only 1 week old to my business mind is far more important than the small amount of money it cost to get this machine right and in good working order even if she caused this, which she clearly says she didnít.

Today John, I donít talk about your great invention any longer to my support groups because of the way this matter was handled. I felt great when I heard she bought one of your machines, but then felt terrible when she told me you refused to help her about this problem. She bought this machine because of me...

John, the world is indebted to you for your wonderful invention, your machines do produce the best water on the planet and I believe also the healthiest... I personally would not hesitate to buy another of your machines for myself, but sadly John, I canít talk up the great advantages of your machines to others any longer as I fear something like this happening again.

John, this is not about who was right, you or her, this was about doing the right thing to please and retain your customer. Even if she was dead wrong and did run this machine dry, a little goodwill goes an awful long way.

And John, she actually bought your machine because I actually posted my group, ďgreat machine, but Iíve heard John has terrible customer service... However, I recently spoke to him about a problem with my machine, he told me how to fix it by spending $10 at the hardware store instead of sending it in for repair!Ē I thought that was real upstanding of you John, that kind of service goes way beyond what I was expecting from you or anyone... I would gladly have sent the machine to you for repair, but I was so pleased I didnít have to as I would have been without Ellis water for a few weeks!

Unfortunately, my story of this pleasing incident caused another support member to spend $2800 and buy your machine, uh, she also had to borrow that money from the bank, she is not wealthy living on Social Security, then she had nothing but headaches dealing with you about this problem. In the end you did do the right thing, fixed her machine and returned it in perfect working condition... But it was all the in-between issues with you not wanting to help her with a machine that was under warranty that was the problem..

John, I am sure you can see I am not saying a single thing bad about your invention nor your machines, rather many of the things Iíve heard about in the past about poor customer service from your company did prove so with this woman and her machine. John, I hope what I wrote here helps you understand that the sale of a machine means nothing if you canít also please your customer. Sometimes doing small things to keep your customers happy, like what you did for me and my machine, really goes a very long way. Best, Jim

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