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Re: How to take MMS without the taste and other side effects.

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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: How to take MMS without the taste and other side effects.


RE: I'm not sure where you got this info.

This was compiled from my own experience. Which was made-up of using MMS three times per day, every day for nearly two years.

As for activation times, A quick shake is all it takes to activate a 1:1 mixture in a capsule. At which point a capsule will remain intact for a given period once swallowed(as much as 2min), however... it is likely that it would dissolve quicker with the MMS inside, though not nearly enough to open prematurely since it takes but mere seconds for a 1:1 mixture to activate and release Chlorine Dioxide and so it's really not an issue.

No clue what mean by no. of drops in a capsule(confused?). But as I take MMS to treat a bone infection, I have a minimum dosage to follow, which works out to be aprox, 8 large drops(or 12 small depending on dropper) 3 x per day.
However, how many drops does it take to fight disease?
Two just don't cut it, and there's no way I'm going to be preparing and popping MMS every hour of ever day(just imagine :p)

Having said that... it sounds as though you're confusing dosage and capsule sizes. But since capsule merely a containment system used to deliver the MMS less the taste, I don't think there's any relevance with dosages in this particular etc.

As for electrolytic imbalance, I have since began using Himalayan salt baths(brine), which have turned-out to be far more effective than any supplement and/or other products that rely on digestion for processing. To which I'd add, is likely one of the best decision I've ever made. Himalayan salts are an unbelievable therapy that I would highly recommend anyone try at least once.

Thanks for your interest in my post.

PS. I don't trust Jim Humble btw. The guy sounds like a raving lunatic. He may have discovered and implimented the MMS protocol, but that doesn't make him impervious to insanity. To which I might add.. I truly hope isn't a sign of what happens too those who take MMS long term! If so, then I guess I'll be next in line :(


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