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Raw Paleo Diet is Mimicking the Garden of Eden Times, Todays
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Published: 8 years ago

Raw Paleo Diet is Mimicking the Garden of Eden Times, Todays

Raw Paleo Diet is Mimicking the Garden of Eden Times, Todays Cooked Diets are Survivalist Diets

by Paleo Diet Healer on May 28, 2011

One thing I learned studying disaster preparedness these past few days preparing for possible global calamity with comet Elenin come September 26 is that food storage and processing for eating is what we will have to fall back on in the future and past times of crisis. This current raw paleo diet I’m on and which has blessed me with the most wonderful best of health I never imagined I could achieve is diet of the good times, the best of times… garden of Eden times.

It is technologies of today that allow practitioners like me to follow a raw paleo diet… full time. Livestock, farming, markets, transportation, refrigeration, global trade… we have recaptured that lost garden of Eden times and are able to live in peace time, in good times… in fact so spoiled our health grows leaps and bounds to optimal levels we as humans are supposed to achieve.

But another aspect of humans is we have abundant health enough and brains to survive calamities, survive Event Level Extinction catastrophes. I do not know how many ELEs humans have survived and reset our technologies, but certainly cooking, food storage and food processing of those stored foods helped the survivors… our ancestors.

Sure, such future catastrophe happening will force me to downgrade my diet to a survival type of diet… it’s not optimal, but it allows survival. I would probably have to live on stored animal meats like canned sardines or dried fish or dried beef… and the conserve on protein consumption pair it with a starch like stored cooked rice grains… on raw paleo diet I need some 600 grams of raw meat a day… in survival mode I would probably need to cut it down to 100 grams a day, share my meat with the family and just consume cooked starch and maybe some stored fat like rendered fat for survival… It is sub-optimal but we will have to do that to get through the crisis if and when it does happen.

So this is the new way I see cooking and processed food. Our collective traditions and ancestral experiences have pointed out the importance of storing food, cooking food for hard times. These are our ancestors who survived and were able to pass on this knowledge. Cooking, food storage and food processing are survival skills. These are not health optimizing foods… but it helped people survive… that is why we are here today.

Condiments? Stored food, sub-optimal food just tastes bad you have to condiment it to make it edible. Raw paleo diet needs no condiments because we painstakingly CHOOSE the best foods and the best raw foods taste really really GREAT.

The problem is, along the way, people forgot. People forgot about the Garden of Eden and the way humans are supposed to optimally live, breath and eat. We were just so pre-occupied with calamities, disasters, war and forgot that during peace time… we can go back to that most optimal human diet… a raw paleo diet… and be back in robust health… until the next disaster comes that is.

Raw paleo diet is organic / wild raw animal food and raw animal fat, raw vegetables, raw fruit and some raw nuts. This is the Adam and Eve diet, the Garden of Eden diet. Humans living on survival foods – processed and cooked foods are in sub-optimal health… always sick of something… always in a battle to detox something… colds, coughs, phlegm, flu, fever, eczema, psoriasis, cysts, acne… you name it, people are sick with it.

We must recognize that during peace times such as now, we can do raw paleo diets and enjoy the best of what life has to offer. Enjoy it while it lasts.


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