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Published: 11 years ago


Hello I'm just knew to this forum.

I am a 23 year old male and have 2 very major symptons... a very dry very persistant cough for about the past 4 years; my doctor couldn't work out what was causing it or why anti biotics werent making it any better (I'm sure evreyone can relate to this lol). And for about the past 2 years I have had increasing problems downstairs, basically discomfort in the penis and complete loss of labido; I think best described as a very persistant penile thrush I haven't been able to get rid of. (this is the 1 thing that really makes life unbarable at times).

I was/am also suffering with other minor symptons of candida like mild bloating, skin rashes, white tongue etc... (things I could live with).

Anyway about 2 months ago I'd been to see the urologist etc and still nothing... my doctor put me on anti biotics for a month straight because he didn't no what else to do...... as you can imagine my symptons just went out of control, I felt worst than I ever had in my life. Coughing constantly, in constant discomfort, Depression just felt ill all over. I'm embarrased to say it but I felt suicidal. Not knowin why at this age I am increasly becoming more ill with no one able to help me was terryfing. Then (thank god) I stumbled across a website Candida and suddenly evreything made sense; Before this it never even crossed my mind my a peresistant cough and penile infection could be related.

I startd reading as much as I could and went on a very strict zero carb Sugar yeast diet, only drinking water aswell as taking anti fungals (I had to force my doctor to give me, when i went and said i thot it was candida he told me it was in my head). My cough was better than it had been in years after only a few days of this.

However I have a month of exams at Univeristy right now and the diet is a bit hard to stick too completley when juggling it with the stress of exams, so I haven't been totally strict the past few weeks; but plan to be again
once there over.

I've also been taking threelac for a week or so (i know this is a very controversial product on here and some of the people are clearly just trying to make a quick buck; which to be honest is f***ing disgusting, anyone who has suffered like this wouldnt try exploit anyone).But to be fair since I've taken it I've been feeling even stronger and more energetic and my cough is pretty under control.

Anyway, I've been reading through loads of posts on this forum (aswell as others) and people are always talking about major reactions after eating a wee bit of Sugar etc? What kind of reactions is evreyone having? This dosen't really seem 2 happen 2 me.

I'm 99.99% sure candida is my problem but havent really read of many people with the same symtoms as me on these forums? Evreyone seems to have brain fog, fatigue, leaky gut syndrome, extreme bloating etc?

Also does anyone have any advice on treating very stubborn penile thrush? I've tried anti fungal cream it made it a bit better but never really looked like getting rid of it. If I could get relief from this symptom my quality of life would increase 10 fold.

Thanks for your time and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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