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Notes from my early days of iodine supplementation
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Published: 10 years ago
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Notes from my early days of iodine supplementation

I've been meaning to post this for a long time, I think that it could be helpful to those starting out on the journey.

I started supplementing Iodine in February 2007 for fibrocystic breast disease. I had always bought into the notion that FBD is "benign" and that menopause would clear it up... I was quite worried when I learned that FBD can be a precursor to breast cancer...

I had noone to follow when I started this, I recall confusion on my part as far as dosage. I read the ghent-eskin patent on the use of elemental Iodine for FBD, etc...

THAT was light reading! :) And the dosage was confusing- mcg/mg per kilo of body weight...

One thing's for sure, when we started out here there was a lot of controversy and cautions thrown our way. Enough so that I decided to start out at a low dosage and titrate up. It took me 3 months to get to the now standard dose of 50mg per day.

Anyway, here ya go, transposed from my original scrawled notes. I kept a reasonably good record for the first three months. After that, you'll find updates here on CZ. It took me 27 months to feel comfortable in saying that my FBD was completely erradicated. I had had it for years- your mileage may vary. There were times when I thought that I was done, but then I was not. There were layers to my FBD. The newest cysts resolved first, took a while to heal the deeper cystic tissue.

These notes primarily detail the "side effects" or "detox symptoms" of Iodine supplementation. I do not go into detail as far as what I did to treat the symptoms, back then, probably not much~! There are gaps in these notes, the information is in no way complete. And some of it will only make sense to those that have already traveled this road

BTW, "herxing" refers to "herxheimer reaction:


02/08/07~ 2 drops ZOWIE heightened awareness body rush

02/09~ herxing loose bowels, head pressure

02/10~ herxing loose bowels, hyper-aware, breast twinges

02/11 ~ herx sleep disturbed, insomnia

02/12~ no breast pain all day, slept well, aural dreams

02/13 ~ no pain, water retention, dreams of a muscular man

02/14~ one breast twinge, bloated, headache

02/15~ woke up with headache, periods of extreme clarity, tingles on head, bloating gone

02/20~ Upped dose- 18.75mg per day(3 drops). breast pain.

02/22~ breast pain

03/01~ cysts softening

03/04~ period, no cramps

03/06~ upped dose- 25mg(4 drops)

03/08~ deep pain in breast

03/13~ deep pain in breast

03/21~ electrical current pain in breast (clarification~ this was a different type of pain, this pain did not hurt, felt like energy or vibration)

03/26~ woke up with welts on arms

03/28~ upped dose~ 31.25 mg per day(5 drops)

APRIL~ started getting colored pee brown and chartreuse. knee pain.

04/12~ FULL chest wall pain, very deep.

04/13~ taking break, Bija deep cleanse tea.

04/17~ upped dose, 37.5mg. (6 drops)

04/28~ orange and green pee, dreamed of skin eruptions.

05/02~ 50mg(8 drops)


And that's that- I stopped taking notes at that time.

For the most part I stayed at the 50mg dosage although there were times when I felt as though nothing was happening so at that time I would pause supplementation and then when I resumed I would kick it up to 100 or 150mg for a time and that was effective:)

And of course I took companion supps...

Pain always indicated healing activity, in my experience.

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