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liver flukes...clearing and curing them
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Published: 11 years ago

liver flukes...clearing and curing them

Flukes are very hard to eradicate. It can be done but often takes a long time. It depends on the how many flukes there are. People on the forum have found that when clearing flukes they passed a great many. I passed at least 400.

I had several types and it took 8 months of rotating meds to clear them.

There are multiple types of flukes and different ones respond to different meds. I had multiple types and needed different medications. So I suggest rotating through several meds over time

Meds to rotate:

Egaten (Triclabendazole) Brand name tablets for humans - Treats Fasciola hepatica and a couple of other types. You take 2 tablets with breakfast, and 2 with lunch...for 3 days

Praziquantel - I would order the brand name tablets for humans. There are those who will suggest buying the powder (pure Praziquantel only and putting it in capsules since it is cheaper BUT it tasted horrible and takes forever to get into the capsules). I took this for a week at a time. The dosage is dependant on your weight. Recommended dosage is 25 mg of meds per kilo of your weight...3 times per day.

Albendazole - I purchased Valbazen which is the animal liquid form...much cheaper, exactly the same medicinal ingredients, and made by the same company that makes the human tablets. It is 400 mg 2 times a day. As Valbazen liquid that is 3.5 ml. I used measuring spoons - 1/2 tsp and 14 tsp make up 3.7 ml. Or you can buy a syringe to measure it out but I do not thing the extra .2 ml is a problem when using the spoons. (If you use the pills make sure to chew them well.)

Vermox (mebendazole) - 250 mg tablet 2 times a day, or a 500 mg tab divided into 2. Chew very well.

Yomesan(niclosamide) - 4 500mg tablets once per day in the morning, well chewed. This is an Antibiotic that you take for one week.


If I were starting again, I would start with:

- 3 days of Egaten and wait two weeks. If ones come out with that then I would know I needed to repeat that one later.

- Prazi for one week and wait one week ...same thing..if it had results I would know to repeat that again in rotation.

- Yomesan - same again.. and wait one week if it had results I would know to repeat that again in rotation.


The next time I took Prazi I would try it with Albendazole for 2 weeks for both meds. Then wait 2 weeks before taking more meds.

The next time I tried Yomesan I would try it with Vermox for one week. Then wait 2 weeks before taking more meds.


When I took these meds in these combinations I found ones came out that had not before.


Prazi is best taken with carbs or a fatty meal. You can look this up on the net. Do not chew the pills.

Vermox, Albendazole, Egaten, are best chewed (unless you are using the liquid Valbazen) and taken with fatty meals to increase absorption. Or Vermox may be taken with grapefruit juice…but check the impact of grapefruit juice on any other medication you are taking at the same time.

Yomesan is chewed and taken with a little water first thing in the morning….followed by a magnesium laxative 1 to 2 hours later. I was told to take it on an empty stomach with a light breakfast a ½ later. The usual way is to take it chewed, with a little water, and a light breakfast at the same time.

My doctor (Dr. Chieu suggested the first protocol because I had nana tapes and they are high in the digestive tract and he wanted to hit the tapes full force before food.

For those who are new to curezone...ICU, a user on this forum, has accumlated information based on her's and others' experiences for treating different parasites. It includes information on some of the types of flukes.


The only source for Egaten is Dr. Chieu. He is an MD in Vietnam and everyone who has dealt with him was happy. Egaten is expensive but that is the price from the manufacturer. Dr. Chieu is kind and reliable. You can reach him at . He can also send you the Yomesan. He will also send you the Prazi and Vermox and his prices are fair.

You can also order the Prazi and Vermox from VRDrug or there are some other reliable sources you can find on the parasite Drug Forum. Be sure to order from a recommended place - there are those who take your money and send nothing. Valbazen I ordered from Allivet -


I also take supplements daily…mostly divided into 2 batches, but not dividing if the zinc comes in one 50mg tab then I take it once per day. There is no hard and fast rule about how much so this is what I have been trying:

Vitamin B 100mg, C 2000mg, D 1000iu, MSM 5000mg, Coenzyme 10 400mg, Zinc 50mg, ALA 200mg, Iodine drops, Colostrum 1000mg, Omega 3 (microfiltered for mercury) 2000mg.

And, very important, I take digestive enzymes each day….about 14 caps. The brand I prefer has a lot of protease (for the immune system) and bromelain to fight parasites. I use HeathForce Digestion Enhancement Enzymes and order online from whomever has the best price.


Most vitamins I order from

Omega 3 I get from Costco.

I also take anti- parasite herbals from a Tibetan Doctor at the same time.


Hope this helps.


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