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Image Embedded acidic urine and particle sprouting
fungihomeworld Views: 4,597
Published: 8 years ago

acidic urine and particle sprouting

a "for what it's worth" entry.
I have noticed that
the transparent urine sediment/urine particles
seem pretty inert when collected from a near neutral
pH sample. If the sample is acidic..say..very acidic
[in this case 5.4] the particles grow filaments/fibers
in a rather aggressive/vigorous manner.



..this matches up nicely with what I observed in the
urine before I realized how acidic it was. Most of
the insane tangles of fibers and bizarre
"fiber optic coils" in the urine that I posted a
year ago..were in [as it turns out..] urine that tended
to be in the pH 5 to 6 range.

I allow the pH to crash to 5.4..take a a drop of the
sediment heavy urine..and see what grows in a few hours.
...a fiber fiesta in progress.

the aggressive filament growth from the particles appears
to be triggered or fueled/accelerated by a high acid

...since I have been keeping a close weather eye on
fluid pH..the fibers in the urine have been fewer
and smaller. They are still there..but if the pH of the
urine is near neutral..the fibers/filaments are generally
in the "very small to microscopic" range. Still tend to
find too many "hairs" in the one to two inch long range...
they do not seem to be as inhibited by neutral pH as the
transparent fibers.

..there does seem to be a correlation between urine fibers
and skin fibers. The slower the growth of fibers observed
in the urine corresponds to fewer and smaller fibers found
in the skin. If the source of the particles is the gut..
[and after viewing billions of the particles in the gut slime..I'm a believer] then keeping gut pH UP should be
reducing the number and size of the fiber particles ["seeds"] that are ending up in the blood and carried to the kidneys/bladder...AND carried to the skin via the hair
follicle capillaries as well.
********** seems that I can slow down the fibers..and speed
them up..more or less at will by modulating body/fluid pH.

lesson learned: keep the pH UP..job one.

Curious point is how fast the fluid pH can crash..have
observed decreases in the one pH point/hr range. This is
too damn fast a shift..hard to keep up. There is only so
much sodium bicarb one can eat per day.

**pH crashing is not Pepsi soda pop of any kind for nearly
two years..very aware of "carbonic acid poisoning" effect.
...or coffee, for that matter.

interesting experiment is to measure the pH of Pepsi/Coke/toxin of choice
and see how much water it takes to "titrate" the carbonic acid of a glass of "Pepsi" up to somewhere near neutral pH. It can take over a gallon of water to do this...and that's just for ONE glass/serving...depending on what
some people classify as "a serving". Some folks will
down half a liter at a time. YMMV.

*your mileage may vary

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