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Re: JBOY please comment.

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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: JBOY please comment.

Adrenals mess with me alot, even a tiny sound scares the crap out of me, I'm on edge and feel like running from something or someone has a gun to my head at points. This goes with my benzo problem too though.

I'm on anti candida diet an juicing. All I eat is brown rice(doesnt feed candida) with VIRGIN coconut oil(antifungal, antiparasitic, antibacterial). and turmeric, also antifungal/bacterial etc..and cayenne. Also drink ACV with meals to help digest. I avoid the IF's for now , and not too much cayenne, it makes my large intestine feel like glass ran through it. I do take 1-2 IF1 a day though, an have 1-2 bowel movements. An drink water.

Then i just juice green apples, cucumber, carrots, celery. with superfood. about 1-2 quarts a day. Also I eat almond butter quite a bit, could be an allergic craving, could be I need it. I've yet to determine that.

I eat organic. but i'm on unemployment, i can't afford organic, but i eat it. I dont want to mention this publicly, but one does what one has to under dire circumstances. I use the self checkout an it saves me about $50 in produce everytime by ringing it up as regular produce...this lasts a few days of juicing an costs $10 as opposed to 50-60.

I don't know what my candida symptoms are honestly, benzos have such a strong hold on me that's all i feel. Until i'm off the pills i'm sticking to this diet.

I cant eat chicken. It upsets my stomach, I avoid meat for now. I get enough protein I think from superfood and almond butter.

I've read the key to killing candida is alkalizing, and cleaning the digestive tract. which would be done with fruits/veggies an colon know this already though. Black strap molasses also provides your body with the alkaline minerals it needs. I have yet to start taking this again. One thing at a time.

So far I can manage to go out most the time, live a somewhat normal life when I'm not in withdrawals. (i'm in withdrawals right now, sleeping in 2 hours intervals, tired all day, no sleep at night, blood feels like poison)

Sorry you slipped up, it happened to me 2 months ago when most of this was at it's worst. I stay pretty strict now though.

I'm not sure why you're asking my advice, i'm still sick lol. I don't do everything by UNY's standards either...I eat more salt then I should, an I take magnesium citrate at night to help me sleep.

I'm on a path, i'm not sure if I see an end to it but i'll continue on anyways. I feel hungover and not myself 24/7 except when i'm in panic/withdrawal. Honestly sometimes I forget who I am, but I also have windows where I become myself and smile!

I don't know if i'll ever have a normal life again, but i'll either get better, or f***ing die trying!!!

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