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Natural sources of CALCIUM (and milk views..)
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Published: 8 years ago

Natural sources of CALCIUM (and milk views..)

Hi guys,

Ok, nowadays I am also looking through a lot of websites to find out what are the best sourses of calcium are. Here are some extractions related to it.

People generally think that they need calcium in their diet (and they are right), but they also think that they need a lot of calcium and that milk is the only way to get enough.
There are many reasons why you might want to consider removing milk and milk products from your diet. Studies are starting to show just what kind of negative impact our love affair with the cow has on our health and even on our bones. When I suggest to people that they stop milk, I can almost guarantee that the next thing out of their mouths is, “yes, but where do I get my calcium?” There response speaks to the power, effectiveness, and tragedy (for our health) of advertising.
My answer to their question of where do you get enough calcium is to ask another question: “Where do cows, moose, and even elephants (who all have very strong bones) get their calcium if all they eat is grass?”

Foods high in calcium:

• Sesame seeds (1 cup = 702 mg)
• Flax seeds (1 cup = 416 mg)
• Cabbage (1 cup = 380 mg)
• Collard greens (1 cup = 266 mg)
• Spinach (1 cup = 245 mg)
• Orange (1 cup = 104 mg)
• Kale (1 cup = 94 mg)
• Broccoli (1 cup = 62 mg)

..It is now the vogue to feed pregnant and nursing mothers milk to supply them with lime for their babies. Year after year, this milk is narrowed down, more and more, to pasteurized milk, which supplies practically no calcium. Dr. Claunch gave it as his view that if a pregnant woman takes a glass of milk a day during her pregnancy, she will have a large baby, one too fat for an easy birth. Besides producing an over-sized baby, milk is by no means the richest source of calcium. All of the following vegetables are much richer in calcium than milk: Cabbage, red cabbage, savoy cabbage, celery, dandelion, dill, Jerusalem artichoke, lettuce, romaine lettuce, okra, both large and small radishes, sorrel, sugarbeet leaves, swiss chard, tomatoes, turnips, turnip leaves, water cress. A number of other vegetables contain as much or nearly as much lime as milk. All of them contain sufficient to meet the needs of the mother and baby.

I would also add, based on my searches, I found out that ALMONDS have LOADS of calcium in them and also a number of other vital vitamines and minerals.. Then the next are brazil nuts, haselnuts,walnuts and other sources.

Hope it helps. :)



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