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Image Embedded Not everyone uses good water filters..
fungihomeworld Views: 3,825
Published: 8 years ago

Not everyone uses good water filters..

..they probably should.
[No, Virginia..PUR and BRITA charcoal filters
don't do anything vs the mOrg particles..they MIGHT stop
a cockroach..maybe.]

...the particles are easy to see in the photos, but
they are not visible to the unaided eye.
..the small yellow particles in the first pic are
about 7 microns wide..the diameter of a red blood cell.
...even the bigger clumps are in the 50 micron range.
they'll slide thru a common water filter as if it wasn't

**all the different color particles/gels in these pics
are capable of sprouting fibers. I am still mystified as
to what is the "trigger" for growth..temperature..molality..pH..some form of quorum sensing..

it does appear that the fiber growth is much more robust
when the tiny particles accumulate into clumps...or grow
into clumps. it appears that the "correct" sprouting conditions involve having a sort of.."critical mass" of gel/particle material.

..pH is also apparently a strong influence on particle growth. When body pH is low [as measured with a pH meter
on urine] fiber growth, especially in the very
aggressive. High urine pH..[near 7.0 or higher] fiber growth is much reduced. There are ALWAYS microscopic to small fibers and "hairs" growing in the urine [and everywhere else]..but the growth rate is MUCH slowed by high pH of body fluids. The gels/particles/fibers/faux hair THRIVE in an acidic environment.

*..which sets up the next game..maintaining a high enough
level of pH buffers in the body..without growing alkaline
based kidney stones. A perverse balancing act..not too high..[triphosphate stones..and others]..and not too low..
[explosive particle/.fiber growth..and acidic based stone
growth.] I would be lost as a goose without a method to measure pH quickly and accurately. My weapon of choice is
an inexpensive "stick" type meter. [got mine for around $20.00.[Milwaukee pH 600].
[your mileage may vary]




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