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Everyone can smell it but me
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Published: 11 years ago

Everyone can smell it but me

Hello, everyone. This is my first post on curezone, but i've read some stuff on this site before.

I'm female, and I'm 17 years old.


I was around 11, in 5th grade when i first encountered a problem with smell. Well, not me but somebody else apparently.

Back then, i hadn't gotten my 1st deodorant yet (although i don't think that was the whole problem) and yes, i think i had started getting my period when i was ten.(school food, i guess) Anywho, i was friends with these girls playing in the neighborhood 4 a long time and never encountered any problems before then about odor, or anything. But then this new kid came along and told my friends that i STANK.

And they sniffed me and were like, "she does!" so i got angry but my friends were understanding they said maybe u need deodorant. So i immediately went home and asked my dad for it, he got me this lavender scented one, and i told my friends and they smelled me and said, "yeah its good now!" but the new girl still acted like I stunk. I just blew her off as a loser, but i didn't expect the issue to come back again.

I went to a middle school in 6th grade that was the sister school of the elementary school i was @ before, but ended up having to move in november. I came to the new middle school, not really having 2 many problems, but with the occasional stare of disgust by a this 1 girl & guy that sat near me in math. I didn't have any clue why they were so snooty, i just thought they were rascist. Thew bullying wasnt full blown yet, but it was beginning to simmer then, and ppl were talking but i was 2 oblivious 2 notice.

Anyway, 7th grade, things just EXPLODED. There were coughs, holding of the nose, ppl making comments about a "foul smell" "it stinks", "it's smells fishy," "smells like ass," "SOMEBODY's butt stank," all this type of comments where the entire class wud laugh. by then i knew they were talking about me. Once we were in line @ the libray, and because i was standing behind this one girl, she asked her friend 2 go behind her so she wudnt hav 2 stand near me. I had no more then 2 steady friends. It was the worst year of my life bc it was the 1st time i've been an OUTCAST by a whole school and experienced mass bullying.

I just assumed there was somethin wrong with my deoderant bc i was using mens bc my dad was clueless, but even after i switched it, maany, many, times, it was ineffective in changing the reaction of ppl around me. Whether i took a shower in the night and morning, wore deodorant, washed myself thoruoghly, ANYTHING i did was like the reaction was as if i take showers like once a week. I would cry a lot back then and in 8th grade and no one cared, bc they enjoyed it and in 8th grd i swear the teacher joined in, making comments about taking a bath and stuff. There was even a time where someone was like "rachael? that girl smell like fish and chips" and i was walking toward them & i heard them.


In highschool, nothing changed; ppl sayed i needed to wash my ass that my butt stunk, they were constantly talking about my in class, COUGHING EXTRA EXAGER8TEDLY , making sniffing noises, coering their nose saying i needed to take a bath, and makign comments about how in my past life i was a rat, or exaggerating everytime they say the word fissshhh, ect. I had an incident were i snapped and through some thing at this guys that were saying i was guna commit suicide, and they were making horrible jokes about me stinking & i sat by myself in the class in front & they were sitting behind me. as im typing this i want to go back to the school and kill them with my bear hands, u hav know idea, im so angry, i just been trying to brush it off and ignore them and forget wat happend bc @ least i had some group of friend who were also nigerian but had not problem. In the end, i was begining not to tolerate it. as soon as ppl c me in the class if theyre walking buy in the hallway theyl let out a bark-like cought, and ppl were tryin 2 b walking in the classromm and rioght as they walked past me just cough. I said f*** this and just left the classroom.

They never tried to pull that again they wanted me in the class so they could pull subtle attempts at sayng i stink bc it was like the whole school was like trying 2 c if they cud get me 2 kill myself. of course, since i was raised by nigerians, i know A LOT better than that. I never cried in front of anyone after i went to highschool. i always coughed, back, which sometimes made it worse, but i was really stubborn and didn't care if i made it obvoius bc it culdnt get anymore obvious. in the end thought that maybe it was bc these were the same ppl frm middle school that things weren't changing; so i transferred. back to the sister school of my elementary school which happens to be 2 schools in one; a middle school, and a highschool.

Anyway, i swear, i kid u not, THE FIRST DAY I WENT THERE: i took a shower in the night and the morning, used perfumed soap, wore perfume , deodorant, EVERYTHING.

AS SOON AS I GOT THERE it was like nothing changed. I was walking in the halls 2 my next class & sum blk gurl shouted out, somebody stanks!!

There were ppl coughin in the classroom in THAT WAY, that u know there acting like there chocking just bc ur in the room, As soon as i sat beside her, this mixed asian and blk girl stared holdin her nose. ppl use there hoodies to cover there nose. ppl were doing this thing in the back of the room sayign "showa showah showah showarrrr shoowwaaarrr" like all ganging up on me.

This is the f*cking 1st week by the way. also ppl were sayig i was dirty, disgusting, gross, ect. Every period is a struggle. The teacher, the students, every1 is always doing something, if anything its worse bc now i have like 1 friend, who wen this one girl was like she doesn't clean herself, and thought i didn't hear she just left the class w/o me even tho we usually walk 2gether. I ignored her(something i have been really gud @) for 2 weeks acting like she was invisible, and she stopped for a while, but now she's always doing this thing like rubbing her nose, coughing in a fake exagereated manner, or erasing on her paper and then like brushing the dust at me like she's trying to say i'm like dirt, or something. wen i think about this i wish i cud just punch her in her face. luckily even though i wudn't be able to find myself a seat at the cafeteria, i do make ppl laugh and i'm usually a lighthearted person, and happy, just not when i'm around "THE Coughers" my real friends r back @ my old school & we hangout sometimes but its not the same. i know if i go back it will be even worse cause there gunna be like, she cudn't last there.

Anyway i looked sum stuff up, checking lots of things. my mom says she can't smell anything. When i went to my pediatrician for the first few times i observed thatr he was clearing his throat a lot but i don't like to jump to conclusions. so then wen i wanted to see if glycolax wud work 4 me bc this 1 person on here said it work 4 them the 1st day (lie) and he said he didn't smell anything. That really confuses me and is frustrating bc whoever i ask outright theyre like no u dont stink but then theres two schools that says i do (behind my back) my phycologyst that i had for like a week, but stopped bc it was just making me annoyed bc she kept saying she didn't smell anythign & tryign 2 convince me i was being paranoid. the fing nerv of her tryign 2 just say 5 years of toruture was "all anxities." I told her that wen i went to church, that's right, even in f***ing CHURCH, and let me tell you, it's a pretty big one. 70 percent of the ppl there were just caughing sniffing spraying perfume covering their nose ect.

Even one of the preachers there covered his nose as he walked buy the row i was sitting in. I havent gone 2 church sinse then and truthfully, consider even trying 4 GOd a waste of time. I've made many attempt prayers my mom's done some stuff, nuthin. Wen my cousins visited after like quite a while at this christmas, my older cousin kept sniffing, and when i reached my hand out near my other cousin 2 get sum candy, she coughed really loud like a bark. I'm at school, and my "gud" classes where i actually talked and made joke that made everyone laugh, they even started to get worse. btw the glycolax didn't work so i gave up, and nowits like the bulling is just gunna keep getting worse and worse. anyway, i think that i may have hit a mark going with fecal odor, bc sometimes if theres a breeze ill b like wondering who farted bc it blows the smell away from me but i was wondering who it was. anyway reply similar situations or better yet solutions. i'm not going to give up on this i cant live the rest of my life this way.

PLEASE HELP!! AND WHY DOES THINS NEVER HAVE MORE ATTENTION! obvoiusly alotr of ppl r dealin with this & all we get is, take a bath clean urself. use deodorant. if that shit worked i'd smell like a f***ing mint

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