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Experiment on myself with Mg (very long sorry)
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Published: 10 years ago

Experiment on myself with Mg (very long sorry)

Hi everyone. I am the one experimenting with Calcium/Magnesium/ and Zinc supplements. Two people on this forum have posted about these supplements for BO. One said his FBO had resolved for a period of time but the pills stopped working for him. Another was passing along the benefits of Magnesium in the diet. There are plenty of articles on web sites that support this information but these people were taking very very high dosages of Magnesium. I had read years ago that Zinc helped regular Body Odor too. I had experimented with Zinc alone and it did not help.

There is a Magnesium forum on Curezone that is pretty decent, please look into it. As we all know, one person's cure is not another person's cure and may make another person sicker. I noticed that there are so many people on here, myself included, that have either structural abnormalities in the intestines (Hemorrhoids, Internal Rectal Prolapse, etc.) or food intolerance's (Lactose, meats, or gluten). I see the same problems in the Leaky Gut forum here or the If these diagnoses are the case then sufficient absorption of certain minerals and vitamins are going to be lacking for us. I know what you are going to say "but not everyone with Hemorrhoids (or whatever) smells like feces"--well they are lucky. Maybe we have had these problems longer or went undiagnosed for years. Either which way I figure I am severely lacking in the nutrients I need because I haven't been absorbing them properly with all my GI problems. Someone on here had success with Vit C, someone else Vit A & D, etc.
Try it out, it can't hurt.

Even though family members have never admitted I stink to my face--I have gotten hints from them. I remember years ago coming back from the ocean without showering. Now you would think that would be murder for FBO. Sitting in sun all day sweating, ocean water, etc. Not the case. My family struck up a conversation around me saying "I was doing so much better" and they started a conversation about how healing ocean waters and salts were. I know others on this forum have taken detox baths with Epsom Salts (again Magnesium). I had no other health problems at the time and couldn't understanding they were talking about the smell. I guess soaking in the mineral rich ocean all day had made the stench go away for a while. When you research Dr. Mist and Magnesium health they compare both to the ocean minerals. They say the amount of magnesium in ocean water is hundreds (if not more) of times what the RDA of Magnesium is.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling and philosophising. I am searching for answers just like you. I have added to my Vegan diet about 6 Magnesium pills a day and am using the Thai Crystal deodorant rock all over my body after showers. Two pills per meal in the last 2 weeks. I had to slowly up the dosage because Mg is used to clear constipation and it does it rather quickly. Please use caution if trying that. Also, the Mg form I am using isn't the best absorbed but it does take the smell out of my movements. The weird thing is I think I am smelling what my smell was on my leather jacket now. My movements are becoming more regular and have increased to two to three times a day-which for anyone with FBO would be a good thing. I will update you on how it is going as more time passes. I'm not going to say this is a cure but I sure feel better. Wish I had someone to come over & take a whiff. LOL.

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