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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief
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Published: 7 years ago
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Re: Beesting venom linked to peyronies relief

Beesting venom linked to Arthritis and peyronies freedom
Arthritic disfigurement and peyronies dysfunction are the ´long-term´ result of the body´s immune system deposition of calcium-based plaque in selected parts of the body. The selection process by the immune system is based on keeping the body in a ´State of Well Being´ 24 hours a day. And that if any part of the body fails, will be labeled, ´ a damaged zone.´
If one wishes to visually touch this material, calcium-based plaque (c-patches), one only needs to floss in-between one´s teeth to capture it! It appears the immune system has labeled teeth and gums as a damaged zone, and continually coats them with laminates upon laminates of c-patches 24 hours a day.
My name is beesting (not my real name), and I had peyronies back in 1998 up to 2005 before starting useful treatments of honey bee venom. Yes, I did search the internet back then, many hundreds of man hours and more to no avail. What is most shocking to me today, about the same stuff is still online. Yap, even the penis stretcher continues to be marketed, which is absolutely amazing -- to even think a real certified doctor is selling them to earn a profit!
About 1995 I began working with beekeepers, and soon realized most wear only protective face gear. It took me many months before I would end up practicing beekeeping within full body gear on. I had pains in my hands then, and most of it went away through the years of small scale beekeeping. I stopped keeping bees a few years later. In October 2000, I went to the USA, and got confirmation I had peyronies. Shortly after I began more searches online, but failed to get any useful news, just lots of bulletin chat websites – mostly sponsored by victims of doctors practicing with their needles and implants and fees.
My hands were experiencing pain at times of labor, and I did discover the BVT therapy websites. I was excited about this, for I knew most beekeepers do not suffer from Arthritis pains of the hands! I began the business of capturing, feeding, and placing honeybees onto selected parts of my hands, mainly finger joints and thumbs. I had shortly developed an over-dose test on my wrist. Here it is. Inject one bee stinger on center part of wrist, and wait 2 minutes before ´flipping´ out the bee-stinger with one´s finger nail. The wrist will swell up or get red with little soreness the next day. After a few days, repeat same test on top of wrist --but with two bee stingers. The wrist will swell up more and redness going upwards the arm, but next day your connective tissues—mainly muscles will be very sore. This would be considered an over dose in such a small damage zone, if the wrist was with arthritis. If you repeated the test again, but with three honeybee stingers, the pain would be present for several days. Therefore, only apply one honeybee stinger in any one selected part of the body. In other words, be it one finger, one wrist, one knew, one elbow, or penis, apply one bee stinger per 24 hour period, one exceptions!
After some practice with my fingers, on each hand, I became expert at bee stinger injecting. I could easily get the honey bee placed over the selected finger joint, and get a deep insertion. If I failed, and the beestinger went in – say sidewise (one can see the stinger pointing horizontally inside the skin surface), I would use my finger nail and slide it out quickly. This would be considered a failed injection of beestinger, and I would need to wait the next day to repeat the effort in the same finger joint. Remember, one bee sting per 24 hours time frame per selected damage zone of the body.
Well it did not take much of a genius to eventually picture in one´s mind -- a finger is much like a penis of sorts. And in my kitchen, standing nude and alone, I finally captured my stressed penis in hand, and completed my first bee-sting injection. Of course, I jumped about the kitchen. Within 2 minutes, my penis had enough, so I removed bee stringer with my finger nail. Over the next few months, I had made enough mistakes, that I developed these rules.
1. Always apply bee-stinger in the top part of penis, never below shaft. The skin is the thinnest, and the bee-stinger can pass both skin barriers with ease.
2. Never more than one bee-sting application per day, even if you fail to get a deep injection. Failed stingers must be removed pronto, to reduce the immune systems reaction of entering body fluids into the penis.
3. Avoid all besting injections of the penis head, and any surface type blood veins. One honey bee injection of 15 seconds to 2 minutes is enough to treat the entire penis. It takes 25 minutes for a bee-stinger to inject all its venom. Therefore, 2 minutes is only a small portion. Today, I leave bee-stinger in penis 10 minutes or more. But only apply this treatment once a month, as maintenance plan to keep the immune system from adding too many laminates of c-patches throughout my penis.
4. Remember injection of bee stingers are to be targeted only in center, middle of penis shaft. If you wish to add more BVT Treatments to the prostate gland, then you need to inject bee-stingers at the base of the pelvis where the penis enters the body.
In conclusion, it is my best guess that bee venom, itself, coats the c-patches placed by the immune system. This painting of the laminates highlights the calcium based plaques in such a way, that the immune system cannot remove the toxins from the plaque laminates entirely. Therefore, the contaminated c-patches are completely removed by the immune system that put them there in the first place. The good news is that c-patches take a real long time to be built up to develop Arthritis or peyronies dysfunction. Whereas, bee venom coats and penetrates all c-patches in its path, even deeply, requiring the immune system to remove both free-toxins and toxins attached to laminates of calcium based plaque!
Finally, bee venom moves across all connective tissues, where as doctor injections are chemicals with little movement, except via immune system physical removal of it. This is why one bee-sting injections travel throughout the body´s connective tissues: be it a finger, toe, wrist, elbow or penis. Whereas, doctor injections just sit there, right where they were injected into the body. The only real movement with doctors´ practice -- is your ability to be experimented on and you ability to pay their fees for practicing on you!
I have been free of peyronies since 2006. I took me 1 year to get rid of c-patches on my penis. The surprise is the difficulty to get complete freedom of arthritis of the fingers, now that’s going to take a lot more work then repair a simple penis extension of sorts.
p.s. By searching the internet with these keywords, beesting, beesting2,arthritis beesting, you should get to find most of my letters of the past 2 years or so. Please remember the beestinger is 1mm long and needles and knives of a doctor could be thousands of time bigger—which is easier to fear!

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