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How to take MMS without the taste and other side effects.
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Published: 8 years ago

How to take MMS without the taste and other side effects.


I'm writing this post as a follow-up to an earlier one which dealt with the potential long term effects of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement and how to deal with them - (digestive and electrolyte imbalance).

And as in this post, I will share my experiences on what I've learned with Miracle-Mineral-Supplement with regards to taste and smell and more importantly, how to get around that.

Assuming for a moment, that you(like me) had to take Miracle-Mineral-Supplement as a means to treat a serious illness. Then you'll likely encounter the intolerance that will soon develop with the taste and smell factors associated with MMS. This is not a new thing really, and most everyone who's taken MMS will acknowledge this, and so I thought it might be helpful to share some of my own insight and experiences on matters:

The first thing I'd like to address is the notion that MMS must either be activated or taken in open air. That is to say, that the mixture(which should be 1:1), needn't be activated openly at all. And therefore, the simplest approach is to take it in capsule form(pharmaceutical grade gelatin capsules).

* Gelatin Capsules come in various sizes and grade, though I find size 0 which holds 8-10 drops, to be sufficient for most protocols.

The best part in taking MMS via capsule, is where activation takes place inside the capsule, and since the mixture is 1:1, it will only take but a few seconds for the activation to occur and you are ready to swallow the capsule.

Having said that, taking MMS in pill capsule form is only 1/2 the battle. The next issue is the inevitable nausea that commonly follows as a result of the aftertaste or upset stomach. And lets not forget, the dreaded MMS BURP! :)

And for this, let us enter "stage two" of the no smell no taste method. - FOOD!

Taking food along with MMS does a few things. For one it pads the stomach, which in turn, helps stabilize the potential effects of nausea. And secondly... it can dramatically reduce(even eliminate) the potential effects of aftertaste.

However... not all foods are good with MMS, as they can either absorb or neutralize the MMS, and therefore, I've found that specific foods such as fruits and a vegetables work best, and so here is a short list(by order of effectiveness) that I compiled for reference:

1. Red and Delicious Apples - (Excellent stabilizer, Excellent aftertaste controller)

2. Pineapple(whole) - (Great stabilizer, Excellent aftertaste controller)

3. Nectarines - (Good stabilizer, Excellent aftertaste controller).

4. Peaches - (Decent stabilizer, Excellent aftertaste controller).

5. Carrots - (Good stabilizer, Decent aftertaste controller)

5. Plums - (Decent stabilizer, Decent aftertaste controller)


How do do it:

Okay so now that we've covered some of the potential ingredients, now comes the application. And so for this, I'll use my own personal favorite, the Red and Delicious Apples as an example;

Step 1.
On an empty stomach, take a nice large bite of the apple and enjoy it.

Step 2.
Next, take an empty gelatin capsule and fill it 1/2 with MMS.

Step 3.
Then take your 50/50 citric acid and fill the remainder of the capsule.

Step 4.
Now firmly place the cap on the capsule and shake well.

Step 5.
Wait aprox. 5 seconds, and swallow the capsule with ample water.

Step 6.
Enjoy the remainder of your apple and resume your regular activities.

And there you have it!

This is how you can enjoy a taste free, smell free MMS intake without the potential nausea and other effects that come along with use.

Hope this helps.
Good luck and God bless.


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