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Re: CDC was discussing nematodes in 2006
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: CDC was discussing nematodes in 2006

[quote] Please don't bash me for trying to present theories. I'm just as confused and sick as you are. I'm guessing and eliminating just like other things. I admire the work you've done, but that doesn't mean you're always right. It would be nice if you could work with us instead of bashing us when we try to posit something. It's very hurtful and it accomplishes nothing.[/quote]

No offense intended..but your accusations
make NO sense to me.

No one is bashing you or anyone else.

I see no personal attacks posted by me
anywhere in my post.

No one was attacked..
No one was belittled..
There were no insults offered.. what is this.."bashing"..?


YOU are the only one that can "posit something".??

I submit the fact that not everyone is seeing nematodes..
and that the CDC [or any other gov't agency]
does not rate very high in the
"trust" department these days.

Since when does merely responding to a theory
constitute "bashing?" "Working with" someone or a group
does not necessarily mean simply nodding ones head in
thoughtless agreement to everything that is stated.

Working out a theory to explain a phenomena means
that ALL the pieces have to fit. There is no room
for "sacred cow" postulates that no one dare question.
Everything is "on the table"..everything must be able
to withstand close scrutiny. Having members of an
"investigation" group that enter the discussion with a
hair trigger defense mode; and accuse others of "bashing"
for merely submitting different perspectives or possibilities.. use your words:
" very hurtful and accomplishes nothing."

Not everyone is being or has been treated
for nematodes. Not everyone has exhibited
nematodes..just as not everyone has insects/bugs
crawling out of their skin. One of the major
complications of this illness is that there are
too many phenomena that are being tossed together
in a "bag" called "Morgellons". What one person that
experiences tends to be assumed as what "everyone else"
is experiencing. That is not the case.

I never claimed to be "always right".
{right about what?..] All I have ever done
is post pictures and text describing what I am experiencing. If what I present conflicts with your
"grand unified theory of nematodes"..that does
not constitute..."bashing".
There is no cause to be offended.

I have an open mind and welcome
other points of view.

I do not have to necessarily accept
someone else's THEORIES as being demonstrated/
proven FACT.


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