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Published: 10 years ago


Thanks for letting me post here. My strongyloides is so much like Morgellon's, this is the only place I feel like people understand.

So I thought the Bentonite clay and everything else was doing so well, then I discovered Moreless's site and started on his protocol. I've been on the alkaline diet for two days, and have noticed that the activity seemed to be increasing. These things DO NOT like alkalinity! I thought my left arm was pretty good, not many larvae present, but I was so wrong! They were just playing possum.Took my first healing bath tonight with 1 cup Epsom Salts , 2 cups peroxide, and 1 cup apple cider vinegar, and OH...MY...GOD! I could actually feel and see the larvae coming out and floating in the water. Stayed in as long as I could, and felt the sand coming out of my back and there was more on the bottom of the tub.

I stayed in about 40 minutes, and have been itching every since. I read that the itch is caused by the toxins they release when they die, so that's a good sign, right?

Well, I put some coconut oil on my arms to ease the itch, and things just went berserk! Lots of little black rhab larvae started coming out of my fingertips. Don't know why they congregate there, but they do. Lots of white larvae and sand too. The weirdest thing was that some of these larvae were almost 1/4 inch. I had to actually get tweezers and pull them out of my skin, and they did not want to come out.

My eyes are going crazy too. During the detox bath, I put my eyes under the water as much as I could...closed, of course...and now I feel stuff crawling around in both eyes where it was just the right before, and it feels like there is some kind of sand in my eye. Plus, when I was in the bath, I wiped my right eye when I came up from under the water, and there was this mucus that had come out of it. It was just clear mucus, like what comes out of your sinuses. I'm thinking maybe the larvae have eaten a hole between myu sinuses and my eye socket. That would be horrible! I have been having really bad pains over that eye lately too.

The brain fog right now is unbelievable. I'm surprised I can type this. Forgive me if it doesn't make sense. My stomach is gurgling like crazy as well.

This is how it starts. I hope it ends well.

I'm also posting this on my blog, where I post about my journey to cure this thing.

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