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Re: Fasting,anorexia and realistic weight
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Fasting,anorexia and realistic weight

You are being negligent. Shelton did supervised fasting. You are telling rookies it ok to go 40 ,60 whatever days regardless if they have maybe very low bodyfat or are actual anorexics. Anorexics love to fast. Give them more encouragement to starve themselves and they will a lot of the time.

I am simply urging more caution. Dry fasting can be very dangerous, Long fasts for super thin people can be very dangerous. As tupernicious agrees with me many women are anorexic or borderline. Many have very distorted self image.Guys too but not as often can become anorexic as well.

I never said fasting didn't cure some health issues. Its obviously going to help overweight issues ,high blood pressure,cholestrol,sore back, and things like that and willing to keep an open mind on other "cures" attributed to it.
As for me not fasting because taking the occasional green tea or diet pop thats your opinion and you are mostly just parroting your God Shelton. Many other people have fasted with some green tea or coffee or diet drinks and got same results with regards to weight loss. As for spiritual benefits well not seeing any aside from mental clearness and some emotional mellowness. God never talked to me on my fasts yet and doubt ever will. As for detox jury is still out on that one too with many saying detox doesn't exist.
But again I am fasting my way and juice fasting is fasting as well , some of you are pretty pigheaded about your pure fasting.Whatever floats your boat.

I am willing to learn, so far having better results this fast by only drinking when thirsty can see why drinking too much water on first fast flushed out all my sodium and potassium giving me super low blood pressure and muscle cramping.
Understand more now than did before. Bought blood pressure monitor if it gets really low will take salt pills or drink some salty juice or break fast to solid food.

Your ideas on re feed from many of you are junk too. I ate meat almost on first day of re feed think it was second day. No problems at all .Meat is 100% natural for men to eat and as hunters we ate it much more often than vegetables or fruit which were much more seasonable. We can digest meat just fine. And super long re feeds are not needed. and thats personal experience.

Once again you guys are telling rookies to just go ahead listen to god or whatever and fast as long as they want.Dangerous advice but hey its a free world.
Shelton fasted thin people with pretty good results and longer than he thought he could he said sometimes. But still after all fat is gone you burn up muscle then vital stuff. The human body can gain back muscle pretty quickly after fast and the human body can survive being starved without too much long term damage but still some caution is advisable on unsupervised fasting.

Mighty said a lot of pretty good info in his reply to mine. Some good points in there and he told me a lot about himself that helps me understand stuff.I am not closed minded just more scientist than many of you and want to try things,see things proven not just believe some guy from decades ago. Shelton is seen as a quack and pretty sure was sued but that don't necessarily discredit everything he says. His natural whatever it is has some really stupid ideas but that is another story. Pretty sure he is against innoculations and all that. And there are some weird ideas about food and diet out there.

I am happy to be mostly on the weight loss board and could care less really about the " pure" fasting water board. Seem to be full of bunch of snobs anyway.

Feel free to find " god " on your fasts and be sure to say hello to him or her for me. Feel free to cure all your diseases from fasting but blind faith only goes so far.


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