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Fasting,anorexia and realistic weight
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Published: 8 years ago

Fasting,anorexia and realistic weight

Been reading lots of posts on this forum and the fasting weight loss forum on here and see so many of these posts that time to make a general commment.

Fasting and starving have one main difference. If you have fat to burn you can fast and live on the fat. If you don't have fat to burn you will eat up muscles and eventually more important stuff,organ tissue,etc .When you fast with no fat reserves you are into starvation not fasting.

fasting when you have no fat to burn is the same as anorexia not much difference.How much damage it will do and how dangerous it is depends on how low your fat storage is.
Prisoners in Ireland in a famous hunger strike were followed carefully and those with average of 15% bodyfat started dying at day 60 or so.
Also women need more essential fat than men do.

I see people on here ,mostly women who are already at good weight for their height,build saying how they want to drop 20,30 or more pounds. Mostly its due to bad body image they think they are fat. If you have had a few kids you are always going to have some skin,baby fat around your stomach thats just the way it is. Live with it.
I had anorexic first wife that weighed 80 pounds at her lowest she was 5ft zero and had three children with her.
She thought she was fat. she worked out like crazy and drank diet coke ate a salad a day and starved herself down to nothing. Sad. Not sure what she weighs now don't talk to her much anymore and haven't for years.But suspect she is still anorexic. But so far still alive.

Lesson here is that don't go on 40 day biblical fasts if you don't have much fat to burn. Try 7 maybe 14 and really if you have fat to burn you won't be hungry after day 2 or 3 ,fat people can go for a long time on their fat storage thats what fat is for. If you are really hungry still after 3 or 4 days you are likely skinny as heck and long fasting is stupid and unecessary. If you are trying to do a long fast to cure some disease well whatever but don't think fasting is that effective at curing disease. Some things respond well to it and some don't. Obviously if you are overweight and have health issues related to that it can help.
The jury is still kind of out on how good it is for other health problems.

At least if you are thin now keep the fasts to reasonable periods. If I hear one more skinny person say how they are going to go 40 days I may upchuck.There is no need to be biblical here. Jesus might have gone 40 days but really don't think everything in the bible is 100% true.

Now on the flip side shorter fasts like 7 days are likely still perfectly fine even for people that are pretty thin to start with. And don't think that 10 pounds lost in first three days or so is fat. Some get so excited about it.Its not fat its water. and it will mostly come back on re feed within week or two. Thats why people who really have to lose weight like me fast down extra 10 pounds or so to account for some rebounce.It will vary with person to person. Some really obese people or people with water retention issues can lose way more pounds and some lose not that much.

And don't want to hear all this whining about how you quit your fast on day 1 or 2 or even 3.
If you can't last 1 or 2 or 3 days then try juice fasting its easier. And you can transition to water after few days ,alternate juice and water ,etc. Or try intermittent fasting by say skipping breakfast for week, then skipping breakfast and lunch and then maybe one day food,one day fasting but find its actually easier to just go cold turkey and get thur the first couple days. After 2 or 3 days your hunger should be gone unless as said you are too skinny.

If you can't make it one or two or three days with no food you have no willpower. People all over the world and for millions of years were lucky to eat even once a day.
So suck it up ,if you are going to fast then fast not start,stop,start stop.

Sorry to be a bit blunt here but some of you need to hear this.

Oh and now seeing some of you doing long dry fasts. this is even more stupid.You can live without food for weeks maybe months if you have fat. You can't live that long without water. Long dry fasts more than a few days or so are dumb and risky. But hey its your body,your life.


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