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Re: Nurse said SSKI on long term will cause toxic effects.
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Nurse said SSKI on long term will cause toxic effects.

I guess everyone is different. Nurses, unless they have some holistic degree or knowledge or are into alternative medicine, will follow the "book". I have not tried SSKI or iodine, but plan to when I study abroad (just finished 31 day water fast)

Now, I might go off topic about SSKI . But bare with me.

My mother is a nurse. On weekends she works at a nursing home where she distributes SSKI to patients with prescriptions. On weekdays, she is a school nurse. When tere was a swine flu outbreak, she gave the "vaccines". You think she would take that crap in her body? Hell no. But that was what "she was told to do" and many other nurses. Do dentist give Amalgams to their children? Hell no. They know it's mercury their putting in their "babies'" bodies but it is the standard cheapest routine to fill the drilled enamel for those who have insurance.

I'm going to study abroad to become a nurse and get my Masters because it is to competitive in NYC. I will have to study many things that I've researched so far here and the sad part is I won't be able to debate with my professors (unless he is into holistic/alternative medicine). Hopefully, if I ever come back here, I will study in holistic medicine and maybe open a clinic as a practitioner.

Doctors/nurse practitioners have lied and drugged me with all kind of Antibiotics and topical creams/gels and vaccines and Amalgam (only have two) for years. Sometimes you wonder why they're has been an increased rate of autism and other diseases in babies and children in the last 40 years. My mother took great care of me when I was in her womb. She lived in a time where pesticides/herbicides were virtually non existant, food was organic before it was called organic, and medicine was hard for people to afford. I was born in a clinic, my mother was only given I believe anesthetic, and I came out a healthy baby boy. 21 years later, I messed up my health and got have body dysmorphic disorder but now I have researched and understand all the things I did to my body.

What I've been trying to say is, you cannot let yourself be easily persuaded by people pressuring you. You came here to get a little comfort by people who are/have been taking sski. I'll be honest, when I did my fast, I did so too in the Water Fast forum.

The only thing I can tell you is follow your own gut feeling. I did it for my Water Fast and have reaped the benefits (it has changed my outlook and motivation, and so many other things in life). My family members pressured me to eat, but I persevered and only stopped before I needed to be hospitalized because I did it with bad food reserves, lots of toxins, and low body fat.

Now I feel the same feeling I did about my Water Fast that I do about Iodine supplementation. The only voice I hear/follow is my own and I research and learn from people's experience to help/guide me, not persuade/pressure me. Plan on never going to a doctor again and prevent diseases. The only time I would, would be for a terminal illness and the doctor has a degree in holistic medicine.

If you are unsure about SSKI, ask trapper, he takes 13 doses no problem. But I bet he worked his way up before the high dosage. There are many people here who have had success, other's not so much.

Trust your gut but also research it. Don't let other pressure you, even if they have barely any "out of the book" knowledge.

God bless,

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