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root canal removal during lyme disease

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Published: 10 years ago

root canal removal during lyme disease

So I have two root canals, one that I got soon before contracting Lyme disease. It's because I was hit in the mouth with a frisbee when I was young and it cracked my two lower front teeth.

I've had chronic Lyme disease. I probably should have been able to get over the Lyme in three weeks since I noticed it early, but my immmune system is awful so I've had it for three YEARS. Just starting to get over it using a Rife machine and nutrition.

Ever since getting the second root canal, I've had constant inflammation in the lower part of the roots. I do not think they have been sterile. They annoy me. They are not just inert.

Recently, after taking some sublingual vitamins that pushed up against the fillings on these root canals (my two bottom front teeth), I think the fillings got worn down and now stuff is getting in there, and they've become even more infected.

I'm thinking it would be good to get them out soon, since the infection seems to be getting worse and even affecting adjacent teeth.

However, I'm not in such great health. I'm doing better than I've been for the past three years with Lyme disease, but I still have some health issues:

-I don't tolerate medications well--small doses affect me very strongly. I can't even take Mucinex--it makes me feel drugged. So I would not be able to have any conscious sedation, and it might be bad for my immune system to have to sit through 1.5 hours of extraction and stitches.

-My immune system and detox pathways are not great. They're better than they have been, but still far from normal.

-I tend to have chronic pain from minor injuries. Like I got hit in the head a year ago and I still have TMJ and head pain from it. I seem to have hypersensitivity to pain, probably from low levels of GABA. I don't know if I have trouble healing bone injuries, maybe my skull took a long time to heal.

I think it's a question of doing the root canal extraction whenever I feel I'll be the healthiest and most able to handle it.

I think this spring might be a good time, since I feel like my body is going through rejuvenation and getting a lot better, and it's a good time for the body to detox things anyway. And it would be good to stop the infection soon before it spreads more.

I plan to have my mom go down with me and bring her masticating juicer so I can have lots of vegetable juices afterward. And I already do a lot for detox--coffee enemas, saunas, running when I can manage it.

I also got an emWave personal stress reliever and I plan to practice with that for pain relief.

I chose a very good dentist, Nunnally and Freeman in Texas, and they make you get three acupressure sessions and three Vit C IVs. I just wish I could get them on the phone to ask them more about what they'd want me to do in my situation (so far it's hard just getting the secretary to answer my long lists of questions! hard when you're coming from out of state and you don't have an appointment before the procedure to ask all your questions).

Just wanted to see if anyone had input on this--

1) getting an extraction done when your health is not perfect, but when your health is about as good as you think it will be until you can get the root canals out, and

2) special considerations for pre- and post- nutrition and detox to help it go well.

3) anyone had trouble healing afterward, or anything to do or avoid so bone can heal better?


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