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3rd flush... oh yeah.
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Published: 15 years ago
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3rd flush... oh yeah.

Hi all! I just wanted to share my 3rd Hulda Clark Liver Flushing experience with you.

My first two flushes were great successes. I got out a LOT of chaff, sand, gravel, and stones. However, I never got any really large stones, and was always left with a feeling of incomplete evacuation. Well I figured I wasn't really in a huge rush, so I would just keep on flushing whenever I got a chance and see what I got out. I'm pretty busy so finding a whole weekend of alone time to dedicate to flushing is somewhat difficult. But finally an opportunity came, so I started the 3rd flush.

I was a late with the first dose of Epsom Salts . (I took it at 7:30) I was a little worried because I had my first BM at 10:15. One thing worth mentioning however, was that I passed a number of really small stones before even taking the OO (Olive-Oil) drink. This made me wonder, and I recall after my first two flushes, there were times when I had a normal BM with sand and chaff (and maybe some small stones) in it. So perhaps the first two flushes cleared the way for some gradual evacuation of smaller stones?

Anyways, back to the story. I was a bit concerned because usually the Epsom Salts work really fast for me, and give me really bad diarrhea. This time it was over 3 hours before the diarrhea came, and it was much less intense, but still sufficient I felt, so I stuck to the schedule. I took the olive oil/grapefruit juice drink and went to sleep.

This morning I woke up around 8 and drank another Epsom Salts drink and went back to bed. I was really confused because during my first two flushes, I had to go REALLY BAD as soon as I woke up. But no worries, around 10am I started evacuating as normal. Almost right away I felt a huge stone come out and was like wow, followed by a lot more normal ones.

The stones were fewer this time, but there were still a lot of them (I'd say like fifty at least), the size of large peas. Also hundreds of little tiny stones that looked like minced garlic. (The same kind of stones I saw during my first BM after taking the epsom salts the night before) However there were several that were as large in diameter as a quarter, and one that was over an inch wide. The larger ones (from what I remember) were all bright green, so that would make them Gallstones I suppose.

So in a way I'm a little disappointed because I didn't get as many stones out this time, but am very excited to have gotten out the 3 or 4 big ones. I really wish I had taken a picture now to show how big this thing was. I can't believe that it was in my gallbladder. And really I'm having trouble envisioning how thing thing fit through the bilary ducts. I'm just glad it's out though.

I've heard a few people say you don't start noticing health changes until after your 4th flush. Well I have one more to go, and I'm expecting getting the large stones out will make some kind of difference starting now!

Although the flushing process is aggrevating, seeing those massive green stones come out is well worth it! I try to tell my friends about it, especially the ones with health issues, but everybody just looks at me like I'm psycho. I guess we're all a little crazy though. :)


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