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[EDIT] Re: Iodine and Cortisol
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Published: 10 years ago
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[EDIT] Re: Iodine and Cortisol

Makes sense.

I stopped taking Iodine too, once I realized I had adrenal problems. I read somewhere that treating the thyroid before strengthening the adrenals will cause more problems.

I've been taking Pantethine ("Now" brand), as HealthyArtist recommended, and I'm already starting to show signs of some improvement with my hypoglycemia problems. The intervals between meals hasn't changed yet, but my tolerance to foods has slightly improved.

I was only able to eat ground beef and beef fat trimmings, but now in the past few days I've been eating ground beef/beef fat, canned chicken, canned salmon, and in the past two days I've been able to eat 1 almond with meals, about 3 times a day and a piece of fresh cucumber about a cubic inch large once a day with meals. It's a milestone to me, but eating a carb with every meal and not having a growing insulin response is gonna be the real challenge. I need prayer and faith for that, but so far it's looking up.

Have you tried taking pantethine? If not, you might have to start really small to avoid overstimulation. I'm only taking the amount of pantethine that comes out on the tip of a toothpick after stabbing the gelcap. Only one time a day so far. I tried more early on with it and had horrible crashes. But slow and steady has been relatively smooth so far.

Another thing I'm going to start doing that you can try is charcoal poultices over my liver. I have a lot of liver pain all the time now, and my AST/ALT enzymes are more than double what they should be, so the liver definitely plays a role in my health issues, including hypoglycemia. Maybe it is similar with yours?

The charcoal poultices supposedly leech toxins out directly through the skin. That'd be a lot better for people like us because I can't take jack diddly squat without reacting to it. Some things even cause my blood Sugar to drop if I put it on my skin, like coconut oil, so hopefully the charcoal poultice doesn't have that same effect.

Good to see you're still around.


By the way, I had to stop zero carb. My eating of almonds and piece of cucumber the past several days is my attempt at stopping it. I've been going in and out of ketosis, it seems, and making the transition with hypoglycemia is ROUGH, but for me it's necessary because I'm having too much mineral and vitamin loss doing zero carb. I don't have access to organ meats, and even if I did, I couldn't eat them. Last organ meat I ate was in late November. I ate a piece of raw organic beef liver, and it made my blood Sugar crash after awhile. Later on, I found out that some organ meats, like liver and brain, have some starch in it.

My teeth are starting to go bad too. I've never had a cavity in my life, and when I was first getting really sick in 08/09, my teeth were getting lose, thinning out, becoming see through, and plaque formation, but all the cleanses and dietary changes reversed it. My lack of dietary variety this past year has slowly brough back my developing dental issues, and eating only ground beef these past several months has really worsened it. No cavities so far, but I think I'm on the edge.

How are your teeth?

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