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Re: Worms in nose?
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Published: 9 years ago
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Re: Worms in nose?

No one has described my scalp condition as well as you have...nor the hell. I have never been able to explain with sufficient force/clarity that I have lived with all you illustrate for 5 long years now. WHATEVER the cause I have lightened the load significantly, slowly - one new thing at a time, one lifestyle change at a time. Not perfect by a long shot - eating chocolate as I type, but a far cry from where I started. TOO MANY THINGS are possible and I made myself crazy trying to pinpoint THE cause, when in essence it was a wakeup call of the best/worst kind. Was going to call someone to have myself committed one night 4 years ago - could no longer take the horror of the parasite world coming out of every part of me. I have saved things on clear tape for years that match descriptions of EVERYTHING in the Image Gallery . Once watched a teensy clear worm emerge from the side of my brow and disappear into a hole/pore nearby. I almost lost my mind!!! This was before the menagerie began leaving my intestines.

Too many things were in play at the same time- dozens of Antibiotics over the years, broken knee/concussion prior to onset of this madness, previous episode of West Nile, possible Lyme from mid-western tick country where I grew up routinely swimming the Mississippi River, Menopause, cat in the house/many pets before that, a farm next door here in the city where animals were slaughtered each spring on the other side of my fence - unleashing God knows what kind of parasite life into my yard, gardening without gloves, CHEMTRAILS dropping grey goo into my yard, mold at more than one address, too much Domestic non-bliss until the last one died, no good immune from lack of breast milk at birth - debilitating lifelong asthma/allergies/migraines, etc., etc., etc.

The scalp thing continues, though I have concluded that no one in my midst has "caught" this ordeal from me, but then I live alone, secluded heavily through the worst of this - too full of brainfog to converse anyway. I continue to cleanse and fine-tune the herbs and supplements that seem to work, albeit not overnight as we have been programmed to expect from PHARMAWORLD. The paradigm had to shift - this the great news from the wakeup call. I had to educate myself, take responsibility for my health - no doubt after my similar experiences/interactions when trying to get help from "PROFESSIONALS" in the medical community. I will punch the next one that rolls their eyes at me! I will hurt the next one that takes a chunk of my skin to a microscope and says,"this is normal tissue" when I have brought a sample that clearly has parts (colembola type) !!!

Instead I stopped looking there for answers and thankfully I found CUREZONE. I am alive because of CUREZONE! I have become slowly better - regained the weight lost from extreme malabsorption when ALL SYSTEMS were FAILING, and then I hurt myself with the NO CARBS madness thinking I could kill candida. It has taken 2 years to put 17 pounds back on, and I was already underweight. Through cleansing I have passed tapeworms, flukes, pinworms, various other types, candida, all manner of weirdness that I could not believe a human being can contain. From my skin all colors have emerged - black, blue, red, irridescent, faceted mechanical looking things - worms, threads, cocoons, etc. From my ears, eyes, sinus/nose nothing normal until recently - blood, fungus, at one point blepharitis, tinnitus, could not make tears for almost a year. I have only a magnifier and strong light. Can't imagine what a microscope would show. Each cleanse has lightened the load - each detox bath has less and less residue on the bottom of the tub. My life has become the inspection of ALL that leaves or resides on my person, and THIS will make you CRAZY!!!

More importantly I did not die, was so close at times
(even having heart attacks, gone with Magnesium) and so overwhelmed I would have preferred the end to going on. But I did not give up, and I want you to know you are not alone - it will get better, there is I have regained my life, social contacts, artistic endeavor, a sense of balance that has taken time to achieve. Yes, my scalp seems a mystery, but was alleviated somewhat today by the death of the largest yet intestinal parasite. I believe my scalp is the final stop for escaping larvae and has been attractive to creatures that otherwise would not take up residence if I had any kind of optimal internal health, so in short, this is all an INSIDE JOB. For me Scalp Itch is a die-off barometer of sorts. This latest monster came out exploded by DE/RO water, some Wormwood combo, a really good protocal from Truth in Medicine forum for healing in general, and recent addition of Potassium Iodide and some EFT, but most of all from persistence that is paying off. Don't stop before the miracle happens! Believe it or not, I would not trade this journey for anything ............what I have learned is more valuable than my college education.


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