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Re: Tonight's fibers... Aren't they pretty?
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Published: 8 years ago
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Re: Tonight's fibers... Aren't they pretty?

...of course the "medical community" can explain
this. They are highly trained experts
in maintaining optimum levels of human health.
*rolls eyes*
They KNOW how to handle phenomena like this.
Someone with such photographs is
obviously just another mentally unstable
person with too much time on their hands,
gathering fibers from clothing and taking pictures to
pass around. It happens all the time. People read about
the "Morgellons" meme on the internet..and think.."wow..
I wish I was special too..". So they start collecting
"stuff"..and harrass one doctor after another with their
fantasy "infections". The 'morgies' spend amazing amounts
of time and money trying to get a doctor to join them
in their rich fantasy life. Sometimes..a herd of morgies
will pressure their equally clueless Congressional representatives to strongarm the CDC into "looking into
this medical mystery". This is obviously a total
waste of CDC's valuable time and resources. However..the
people at the CDC are clever. They managed to hold off
the morgie loons by ginning up a fake study. Keeping
"busy" with their new "study" gave them cover with Congress..["see? we haz a study underway..your CDC cares!] The Congressional folks also can declare that "our pressing on the CDC brought results! Time passes..the
"study" is a fraud of there are no
results of any kind. Folks are getting restless.
What to do? Hand the whole can of worms to the Army Pathology Lab! Of course!..Nothing like a research study
going "black" to keep a lid on things. YOu want information? Take it up with Fort Detrick. What's that?
You don't have access to Army research projects? No proper
clearances..OR "need to know"?..that's too bad..sorry about that. Nothing to do but wait, eh? Don't worry..
your government will get to the bottom of this mystery.
[check back in about 50 years m'kay?]
Have a nice day.

** The assumption was made that a "doctor" will even
look at your photo's or other evidence. Most of the
time even having "evidence" in your possession..and trying
to get a "doctor" to look at it is considered by the
"health care experts" to be prima facie evidence that
you are delusional. "Aha..the "matchbox sign"..I perceive that Thou art
a loon! I have no responsibility to investigate any further..for you have brought in a photograph/fiber sample. Now, pay me for my valuable wisdom at the
cashiers desk on your way out. I cannot help you..
do not come back..bad things could happen."

How utterly convenient for the "doctors", eh? Because of
a few examples in recorded medical history of a few
delusional people who were complaining of "things growing out of their skin"..ALL persons who claim to be afflicted
with "things" in their skin are to be condemmed as delusional..WITHOUT any exploration of the evidence
being presented?

How is it that nearly all the "doctors" are attaching the
label of "loon" without proper investigation of the complaint? How can the "dermatologists" declare that there is no physical cause when there is not so much as
a skin exam with so much as a magnifying glass..never mind
a skin scrape..or involving a microscope. Are all dermatologists dullards? Did they suddenly forget all those
years of training involving the basic use of the "scientific methodology" in sorting out mysteries?

Seems to me that the Doctors Union [AMA] is puppeteering
their members. Party line seems to be "there is to be
no such disease as morgellons" Those claiming to be so
afflicted are to be marked as "delusional" and sent to
the Head Shrinkers for proper mind altering pharmaceuticals. The AMA is probably annoyed at the NIH
right about now for putting up a "unexplained dermopathy"
code..unless that is to be the "under the table" way of
marking the delusionals.
["the poor wretched morgies react so negatively to the "delusional" diagnosis..lets tag them
with "unexplained dermopathy" instead...keep them a little
calmer about their diagnosis...after all WE know what we
are really saying, eh? UD code
means "delusions of parasitosis" it? excellent.]


...yeah..a bit of a rant. Think of it as
a "heads up" that you may not be taken at all seriously
by the "protectors of health". Do be aware that
the "medical professionals" are running a scam.

If you don't bring in any evidence of the "fiber complaint" will be discounted as a mental case. [no proof] "your blood/urine tests are normal..nothing wrong with you."

If you do bring in are indicting youself as
a loon..[THEIR rules.see: "matchbox sign"..]

catch cannot be "mentally stable" by their rules
of engagement. If you are not "mentally healthy" they
are no longer accountable for further investigation.
Their responsibilities as a "physician" ends with their
handing you the phone numbers of the "in house" Psychologists.
buh bye.

I remember being brought up to have the greatest
respect for "doctors"/"physicians"..the healers
of the woes of mankind.

..being awakened from THAT delusion has been painful. much treachery being cloaked by a white lab coat
and a diploma on the wall.


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