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Re: Skin parasite. How do I get rid of this?
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Published: 12 years ago
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Re: Skin parasite. How do I get rid of this?

cfsismylife, Morgellon's has been on my mind lately and perhaps my worst fear is accurate. At the time that these marks began appearing in late April of last year, I began having some bizarre, visible muscle twitching all over my body, mostly in my legs and face. I actually went to the ER at one point because along with the twitching I was having deep bone and muscle pain, hot and flushed face, no appetite, intestinal pain, uncontrollable shivering although it was 100 degrees outside, some aching in my kidney region, and I was unable to sleep because every time I started to fall asleep I would get some kind of contraction in my upper stomach/diaphragm region that would startle me awake. They ran tests and said that I was in metabolic acidosis (my bicarbonate was extremely low), platelets were slightly elevated and my TSH was high indicating hypothyroidism. Also, my resting heart rate was very high (130 bpm). They sent me home without answers, except they did tell me to breathe in a paper bag to try to remedy the acidosis). Prior to going into the ER I was consuming nothing but green juices, lemon water, and natural calm magnesium in an attempt to re-balance my body chemistry (I knew I had turned acidic even before I went to the ER). Needless to say I was very confused as to what was happening to me...

My husband has also had some muscle twitching (actually his started before mine last year, but we chalked it up to stress). We have also noticed similar random scarring showing up on his face and he has something that looks like ringworm all over his body and sometimes the lesions ulcerate and bleed on their own, especially recently since I have started him on Oil of Oregano and Olive Leaf. He also has a mysterious rash on his wrists, stomach and feet that looks like Lichen Planus - I also have it on my wrists although it comes and goes. Doctors told him that it was some sort of contact dermatitis but usually that isn't communicable, right? And it goes away over time? We use only Dr. Bronner's soaps and hypoallergenic Seventh Generation detergents and always have so contact dermatitis is highly unlikely.

I have been parasite/candida cleansing for months now and I haven't had the random scarring show up for awhile. I still have extreme photosensitivity which causes me to be mostly housebound (I live in Arizona). Even a few seconds of sunlight filtered through windows and closed blinds in my house can cause my face to start to feel like it has been dragged over a gravel road for a few hours. Do you think the photosensitivity can be caused by Morgellon's as well? I have already tested negative for porphyria, lupus, and other disorders known to cause photosensitivity.

Thank you for your help and insight

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