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Moving Forward, Always
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Published: 8 years ago

Moving Forward, Always

Hello all,

I thought I'd introduce myself to the wonderful community here. I've been absorbing all the wonderful advice this site has to offer, and so far it has introduced me to a path of healing I never thought possible. I truly believe my life has forever changed for the better, and I want to thank this forum for it. Here is my story...

Growing up as a child, I was full of energy. But, at the same time, I was always an introvert. I've also always been thinner then the average person, but I was still physically active. Slowly, while growing into my pre-teen years, I began having mild anxiety. New social encounters would bring my entire body into a state of panic and over thinking. Near this time, my facial Acne also began. It started small, but then turned into something very noticeable. I first attempted to change my diet somewhat. But I believe the changes I had tried weren't good enough. Following many different strategies of combating my acne, I decided to attempt pharmaceuticals. My doctor first prescribed my topical solutions, and when those didn't work I went on to Antibiotics , and further onto the famous drug Accutane (isotretinoin).

Only three weeks into my Accutane course, my Acne was clearing up tremendously. However, this was at the cost of my skin being drier, my hair becoming thinner, the sight of black bags beginning to form under my eyes, and whatever other damage it might have done. These effects were enough to make me stop the medication. Besides, I was already on weary of trying Accutane beforehand.

The months following the treatment, I hadn't noticed any changes in my health. Although, I do believe there were changes. The black bags that had formed previously had stated the same, and my hair did also.

Months passed. Suddenly, I noticed the bags under my eyes becoming dark and much more noticeable. I felt my hair was becoming less dense too. And then, sometime near in October 2010, numerous conditions had arisen. To name a few: severe pressure in front of head, brain fog, depression, feeling of unconsciousness, swollen eyelids, red/veiny eyelids and under-eyes, lethargy, joint pains, and unfortunately a lower libido.

I immediately searched for an explanation. But, my doctor was stumped, MRI scans were negative, and even the neurologist I visited had no idea. After every exam telling me I'm fine, I felt more and more hopeless. But I never stopped searching.

I noticed my bowel movements were sluggish. And the mere resolution of that through eliminating grains had helped many of my symptoms. I felt much happier, and had more energy. I then began my research of many more possible factors: weak liver, fluoride (I have dental fluorosis), bromide, general toxins, mercury amalgams, adrenal fatigue, and more.

I was already introduced to supplements as I had once tried to solve my Acne with them. I'm now taking: Lugol's iodine, Selenium, Vitamin C, B-100, and a few others from time to time. The Iodine has given me many benefits such as more energy and body warmth. One of the biggest things I've altered is my diet. It's filled with vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc. I've been making myself veggie smoothies, which is undoubtedly giving my body many nutrients. Another change was Sea Salt . Just adding it to my water (RO filtered water) has helped with my swollen eyelids and inflammation. I try and go for walks/runs when I can, and get plenty of fresh air. All of these changes have improved my general health and past conditions. My has been clearing up as a result of my new life changes, and my skin is beginning to heal.

Through all this, I've adopted a new mindset. My entire view of the universe has changed for good. I've chosen to always move towards improvement in every aspect of my life. I know that no matter what my health is like right now, I'm always going to be improving on it. I'm always seeking higher consciousness and remission of my brain fog. I see the possibilities in my life as something unlimited. I am responsible for creating my reality. Perfection might not be attainable, but I'm always moving towards it...

Thank you.

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