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Re: confused about Iodine

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Published: 10 years ago
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Re: confused about Iodine

I made Lugol's Iodine for years.....the 2 chemicals are only obtainable from a drug store.......

I was deceived by the history of Dr. Lugol, in reality, he is the CREEP that got rid of the real iodine and made the chemical iodine popular world wide as a medical medicine.. In fact, he is probably responsible for more premature deaths that most famous past medical doctors.

It is very simple:
A common Data Labs hair test proves lugol's iodine is a heavy metal that enters the body and stays with you the rest of your life...IT IS NOT REAL IODINE for human is suitable only for garden soil use and NOTHING is VERY TOXIC and always carried the cross bone label...

1950 a medical study showed the top 50 most toxic drugs used world wide....LUGOLs was in the top 5 most toxic / deadly substances with a side effect of making humans "STERILE" and shrinking of the reproductive organs over along term use...

I was doing testing with data labs quite often on myself and our children.......we stopped all lugol's iodine use when Trent was born 9 years ago, his iodine levels at birth were at a toxic level about freaking out a alternative M.D. we were working with doing the testing...IN FACT, this metalic lugol's iodine had traveled pass the placenta and was in the baby and at a huge toxic level. Trent has 1 issue in life to this day and I will leave that up for you to guess based on what I have typed...which most likely is going to alter his life, the rest of his life and at age 9, he is just now asking questions such as "WHY" he has not developed the same as what other boys are you know why I have pounded the iodine forum since it was started, I told the curezone back at the beginning that the iodine forum is poisoning people and the side effects will be seen in the next generation as birth defects that were proven back before 1950......................

lugol's was stopped being made for humans by 1960, but still exist for farm animals through vets.......otherwise it is TOXIC and removed for good reason, but medical didn't tell why in fear of a massive law suite by every human that ever took lugol's and you notice today, that governments are removing chemical iodine slowly from the salt and this is bringing goiters back, but the side effects are worse...

I took the time to document what I could find out about iodine and then some of my opinions in a 108 page pdf file and has been on my website for some years now....

Ocean plants???? I never found 1 source of evidence that they make iodine, in fact, iodine in the ocean is extremely small content, similar to the content of iodine found in the air we breathe...seems when iodine is put in water, it seeks to return to the I 100% believe all ocean plants sold for iodine content was just sales tactics to make their sales, create a product..

I used LUGOL'S Iodine for years, made it for years and i can testify that it is a 100% worthless heavy metal / toxic and that Dr. Lugol was a scum bag and his history all lies....

I used ocean plant for years, seen people use ocean plants for years, they supply many minerals, but I believe they supply very small content usable iodine...extremely small content..........

I studied for quite some time, self-experimented...actually, my very first self-experiment turned into a disaster for myself, the iodine I made burned my legs so badly they turned black and skin peeled off....I HAD NO CLUE back then over 20 years ago, that I was dealing with REAL IODINE, by real, I mean from a tree and every good food/medicine comes from trees when dealing with mammals.

I have seen humans use 1 small bottle of tree iodine and get stronger finger nails, I always assumed stronger bones and proved that when I broke some bones twice last year and how strong my bones are, etc....People have said their heart issues stopped, their hair restored, their health restored and we have seen with our own eyes, a lady that had a goiter on her neck for 16 years, use a little herbal iodine spray and within 15 minutes over 50% of the goiter dissapeared.....Each human is at a different degree of iodine deficiency, so each will have different affects and I suggest lifetime supplementation.

I 100% believe every human that ever took the advice of those promoting chemical made iodines have been damaged and a simple hair test will prove the iodine metals they consumed are going to be in them the rest of their life to some degree and if you are sterile or having problems "down there" you can thank the chemical iodine you consumed, along with mercury and all the other heavy metals.....

I know some creeps that make lugol's iodine by the 5 gallon buckets and sell it by the ounce for big $$$ that "knows" the history ad problems and they can care less, all they care about is the $$$$$ and they also make silver water as well.....PREDATORS are what they are.

BEWARE of authors, the bad ones can rob you of your health and often your life.



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