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Re: Iatrogenic Deaths in perpective
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Published: 11 years ago
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Re: Iatrogenic Deaths in perpective

I’ve been lambasted with the iatrogenic death figures about a dozen times here, is there some hidden file only accessible to the in-crowd at curezone that holds statistics and texts to throw at the interlopers?

First of all, iatrogenic death estimates per year are all typically over the map. I've seen stats anywhere from 250K up to a million. I saw one list where someone obviously cherry picked all the very highest possible estimates from multiple reference sources for each category/cause of death and added them together. There are both pros and cons to meta-analysis.

So let's just do the numbers in the USA for your quote of 750,000 iatrogenic deaths/year:

37 million admissions in 5795 AHA registered hospitals (AHA 2009)
117 million visits to hospital emergency departments (CDC 2007)
88 million visits to hospital based outpatient departments (CDC 2007)
902 million visits to non-hospital based physician offices (CDC 2007)

1.144 BILLION (1,144,000,000) opportunities to generate an iatrogenic death incident.

This works out to 0.066% which equals a less than 1 in 10000 chance of iatrogenic death, it’s more dangerous driving your car!

BTW - What are the annual stats for alternative/natural treatments? Is anybody keeping track? Like for the patients who eschew conventional medical treatment for an alternative and then show up on the hospital doorstep to die when their prognosis could have been very good with effective early treatment, I've seen too many of these. I know, “We don’t need no stinking statistics!”

Yes, any death is one too many, especially if it was potentially preventable. It cannot be substantiated that nothing is being done about it. Healthcare organizations are mandated by federal regulations and professional accreditation organizations to investigate iatrogenic deaths and there are many variables involved.

Very specific requirements are spelled out to analyze:

-Product labeling issues
-Technical/mechanical defects in equipment
-Manuals are reviewed for protocol and procedure deficiencies
-Human errors are analyzed for:
>Non-adherence to professional standards of care
>Non-adherence to established organizational protocols & procedures
>Lack of knowledge
>Lack of training
>Lack of experience/skills
>Patient related factors do exist:
>Patient’s overall condition
>Previously unknown medication allergies

In the final analysis, all these factors are addressed:

-Determination of personal error, process failure or equipment malfunction
-Possibility of recurrence
-Changes needed in protocols or procedures
-Needs for monitoring
-Evaluation of staff qualifications
-Needs for staff retraining
-Recording of incident in provider’s credentialing documents

These investigations are reportable to state, federal and accreditation agencies and repeated occurrences will bring the full heat of the state Department of Health raining down! Hospitals DO loose the approval to continue offering certain services, providers DO loose privileges to practice in the organization and it can and does lead to professional license probation, suspension or revocation. The findings become integrated into organizational quality and performance improvement plans, committee actions and monitoring programs. Compliance with new processes is periodically reviewed and staff performance is evaluated.

But nobody here wants to hear this. They are too warm and comfy here and unwilling or, in fact, unable to accept anything in a “Gish Gallop” from an aggorant old QUACK like me.

6Cued - I'm sure you're next on thier harrassment list!

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