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Image Embedded fungal critters in tap water look ...very familiar
fungihomeworld Views: 696
Published: 8 years ago

fungal critters in tap water look ...very familiar

..comparing some of the species of fungus in the distiller tap water with what I have bee seeing in my eyes for two years. [actually..been observing "halos" around point light sources for 4 years..just been SEEING them using the
microscope in reverse for the last two.]

...actually, I find that I don't need the micrcoscope
to see my eye fungals anyway..any bright light will do..
add a thick layer of eye drops to form a virtual lens of
sorts..VOILA!..the result is appx a 500 x mag view of
rapidly moving critters. fiendishly hard to keep the eyes
from moving..the tiny micro movements are pretty damn insistent..and cause the views to be sporadic and jumpy.
neverthe less..
I see them. Not that it matters..several eye docs..
including seeing the same eye surgeon..twice..over two years gains me only a patronizing "just floaters..perfectly

[utterly frustrating that there is no way to take
pictures of what images form on the retina..]
..equally frustrating that the eye docs apparently
can't see the fungals either...the slit lamp/eye loupe not
getting them the mag they need to see such tiny targets.
They see "glitter"..they don't see shape and form...fine
[or perhaps they do see but lie like Persian rugs so as
not to have to deal with a problem they can't solve in 12 minutes allotted for the visit. The pat on the head will

..but i digress. what I am seeing is not random bits of
vitreous..or shifting optical shadows and patters caused
by dessicated/deformed vitreous. What I am seeing has
utterly repeatable form..the SAME forms..multiplied a million fold. And the crap that is slowly but relentlessly
multiplying in my eyes looks tooo much like the crap I find
in the tap water..[or in the case of the next pic..the
distiller boiler water..which is also tap water.

...results of tonights brain storming session..
...well..maybe not a brain storm...more like a brain
drizzle..too foggy for a proper storm..with ..thunder and
lightning...and all that. I take what I can get...mist..
drizzle..fog...darkness...stumbling into conclusions..



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