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Image Embedded ..time to muck around with OLD fungus sample
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Published: 8 years ago

..time to muck around with OLD fungus sample

nasty looking ball of pink tinted fungus in a
sample jar. Collected from the water distiller
boiler [waste water..water that didn't make it
through the condenser]
It's been left alone to grow larger..for five weeks now..

enough of that..time to annoy it a bit. Shake up the
water jar..break up the "ball of fungal slime" into
"shreds of slime"..the better to divide up into small
test tubes.

Only two tubes this with one drop of
1% methylene blue. MB is supposed to be LETHAL to
fungus. We shall see..


**see what happens when one reads that MB has been used
by fish fanciers for many years to kill fungus in the
aquarium? I suspect the proper dosing is rather dicey..
a tiny bit too much MB and all your fish turn into floaties.
However..once fungus outbreaks in the tank are in full
roar..the fishies are on borrowed time...get the dosage
spot on..the fungus die..the fish live. [Well..most of them perhaps..]

**also read that MB used in WW2/Vietnam as antifungal and
anti malarial. Verrry interesting. This might lead
somewhere in the "kill the fungus war" going on here at
the Fortress of Solitude. The Miracle-Mineral-Supplement seems to be a dead end..
fungus least with the crap I'm dealing with.

*stares at the nasty slime in the test tube...
you know..if it were not for the distiller..all that gunk
in the big sample jar would have been swallowed...has been
swallowed..for years. Which explains the wrecked health
of me and the two cats. continue trying to
find SOMETHING that stomps on this shit.

++++++++++++++++++++++++ example of what the Methylene Blue is USUALLY used for...staining smears.


this tooth imploded like a soda cracker. Not enough left to pull..need an oral surgeon to claw out what's left...mostly below the gum line. Two teeth destroyed in this fashion. They didn't break due to being weakened by cavities...they "imploded"; as if there was nothing structural left inside the enamel coating.

If the fungus was growing inside the tooth..
long before the tooth failed..I think I may
be looking at "the smoking gun". Fungus gains entry into
tooth via capillaries that service the tooth nerve, perhaps? Fungus does what fungus does..dissolve it's food..which happens to be the dentin of the tooth...all very covert. One day..there is just
not enough dentin to support the chewing loads...a very strange feeling..tooth just powdering like that.

...and no particular reason why this demolition can't
occur again. Cheerful thought.

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