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Image Embedded Distilled water with chlorine dioxide
fungihomeworld Views: 4,037
Published: 8 years ago

Distilled water with chlorine dioxide

Ten days ago..
Distilled tap water using a counter top distiller.
[Megahome 943T]
Poured (2) 3 oz [appx] samples into glass jars with glass lids.
Both had obvious fibers in the water as well as tiny particles. [the distilled water always has particles and
fibers in it; they ride the steam into the condenser
I've noted particles and fibers in EVERY bottle of
store bought distilled water. So much for being
technically "pure".]

In one jar, I added 6 drops of activated Miracle-Mineral-Supplement .
ClO2 test strips indicate ppm is over 10 ppm. [parts per million; top of scale for these strips]
IIRC, ONE ppm is recommended ClO2 level for disinfecting
fruits/veggies of pathogens during veggy processing.
.."TEN ppm should be able to nuke just about anything.."

Time passes. The water in the Chlorine dioxide jar
is becoming much "dirtier" than the untreated control sample. There are many more particles, growing fibers
and assorted "junk" growing in the "disinfected" sample.
{this i find very odd..the whole point of Miracle-Mineral-Supplement is to
destroy virus/bacteria/yeast/fungi etc..I've seen the Miracle-Mineral-Supplement videos ..poof..bang..zap.."you're all dead". muahahah..]
..or maybe not.

Attempts to photgraph thru the glass is..problematic...
for several reasons best left for another page.

Tested the residual chlorine dioxide in the MMS sample
jar. After ten still pegs the scale at 10ppm or
[..?? I would think that the ppm would have fallen
rather drastically after interacting with so much "stuff"
in the water for ten days..but..the "dip stick" still
very dark...matches the "10 ppm" graphic on the bottle pretty closely.

** some fading evident in the photo; in the few minutes it
took to get the camera picture, the indicator dye on the
"dipstick" already beginning to fade. One can see the
fading contour in the picture..given enough time..the indicator patch will go white again.]

**how the heck can the ppm be this high if there is any
reactivity going on between the clo2 and the pathogens/debris in the water? From what I've read about
the internal use of MMS..the cl02 gets neutralized very

Have taken a few drops out to get a look at what IS growing
so rapidly in the distilled MMS sample.

A drop or two on a concavity slide...and peer at the zoo.




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