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Update on my progress (long)
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Published: 10 years ago

Update on my progress (long)

Here I am about 18 months into supplementing and I had a major detox wave! I must say, it took me a long time to get to the 10 drops. I have had times where I felt WOW so great and times where I am like WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING TO MYSELF! Before this last detox wave I felt like a million bucks. In the back of my head I kept thinking is this it or am I going to get hit again. Lo and behold....Bam!

I was late for my period and then got a really crazy one that has me still spotting after 20 days. I was a little worried so I spent a lot of times researching and found a ton of people that had the same problem to a "T" so I felt better. The theories on this happening ranged from it being a hypo symptom to the body finally "clearing out" old tissue. I am not sure but I am thinking of it as a good cleansing for sure! I will update on the next cycle, when it comes.

Along with this never ending period came the worst fogging head I think I have had, and general yuck feeling. Thanks to Ginagirl in telling me she had these swings and reiterating that these hypo swings are the worst. Could not agree more! Yuck to these feelings.

So in trying to alleviate some of these hypo symptoms (or detox) researched some more. I was already taking the classic companions regularly but what could I be missing? For one, I ordered the ATP cofactors. I have Brownsteins book and decided to thumb through it during my Epsom Salt bath the other night. He said he has great results with people that are still having hypo symptoms. I hope they don't give me a massive head rush (thus the niacin).
We shall see how that works. I also ordered another b recommended by another poster who was having the same problem as me a few years ago. That poster said that the b vitamins play a crucial role in the hormones and so they swore by this brand that was liguid. Ordered it as well. We shall see how they work.

Also, I have started to take 25mg. of Solray's iron. Since my period lasted longer than normal I wanted to make sure my ferratin stayed good. Anemia seems to be the other battle I have, which I know goes hand in hand with thyroid. I think I should have been paying more attention to the anemia before. Found loads of information on that.

At this point, I am going to add the b-vitamins and also the coconut oil. The coconut oil is sitting on my counter. I have not had the guts to take it by the spoonful. Of course I can incorporate it into the cooking but if I don't make something that warrants that, how do you take it....any suggestions there? Tons of information on how well the coconut oil is for assisting the body in making the thyroid hormone. I am going to put some on my daughters eyes as well. I bought us both thermometers and want to check our temperatures but I am quite sure that is the problem here.

I have not taken the Iodine in two days just to pulse dose it. I will take it again either tomorrow or Saturday and maybe even up the dose.

Iodine has been a huge player in making me feel better than I have in years but these they can really set you back!!

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